Your July 15 front-page article blaming Bush tax cuts for a major share of the mushrooming federal deficit is in essence more Democratic campaign rhetoric and, like much of what we hear from liberal sources, misleading and untrue.

Deficits did go up during the Bush years — but the increase was due to increased spending, not reduced revenues.

As stated in the referenced 2007 Heritage Foundation article, "Nearly all of the conventional wisdom about the Bush tax cuts is wrong." I urge you examine www.heritage.org/research/reports/2007/01/ten-myths-about-the-bush-tax-cuts and learn the true facts. — Jim Collis, Brookings

I feel so frustrated when trying to argue using logic, when the other side uses smoke and mirrors.

Friday's opinion page had a letter from Richard Cody using the tactics I mention. He didn't state that all of our fighting troops have left Iraq, or that many thousands more are leaving Afghanistan this year, or the the "war" in Libya doesn't include a single soldier. That would be too easy.

As for our economy: According to the other side, we can't raise taxes on the top 2 percent because they are the so-called job creators. Well, their taxes have been at their lowest point since the mid-'50s since our previous president was in office, and job rates actually fell during his tenure. So why aren't they creating jobs now?

Maybe we need the tax after all. Look what happened when Clinton raised taxes in the '90s. It was one of the most prosperous times in recent history, and he left office with a huge budget surplus. — Ginny Terrell, Medford

I'd get a chuckle out of Richard Cody's July 15 letter if it weren't so sad. He's whining that President Obama hasn't accomplished much in a couple years.

Picture this: You get the reins from a guy who says "By the way, I just spent $2 trillion that wasn't in the budget, and I had to lie to get it approved. It's your baby now. By the way, I let all my rich friends off the hook so they wouldn't be burdened by this debt, but you can probably get the middle class to pick up the tab. Just take it out of education. You can wind my wars down whenever you want to."

Note the debt article in the same issue; it doesn't get any plainer than that. Reagan and the two Bushes racked up more debt than all before them, and Richard is upset because Obama's progress is slow. In fact, he wants to hand the reins back to the folks who drove the U.S. in the ditch!

Yes, Obama will have to spend some money to bail us out of Dubya's largesse. Sad to say, Congress is pretty much owned by corporate America now, so recovery by the middle class will be difficult or impossible, especially if we block their educational opportunities. — Guy Parker, Prospect

Well, Minnesota would not stand for pulling the beer off the market, but the GOP did not do the honorable thing. Once again, the Democratic government had to make a deal. They banned millions from stem cell research, $1.4 billion from school education, cut the public work force 1.5 percent and cut child care credits by millions of dollars. These are only a few things proving the Republican state legislators only care about the dollars in their pockets! — Penny Beck, Ashland

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