Timothy Rutten, in his "Old time religion, today's politics shouldn't mix" article (June 18), clearly shows his left-tilted bias. And shame on the Mail Tribune for printing such tripe.

He correctly quoted John Kennedy's Houston speech, and then twisted the very meaning of the future president's intentions. (Just as he twisted the intent of the Founding Fathers.)

The constitutional separation of church and state is not meant to eliminate faith from the lives of politicians. Perhaps a bit more faith and belief in the moral code of scripture by those very politicians, as well as by the diluted liberal majority who have elected them, would have averted the very corruption and decay that we now see worldwide.

To call today's society "harmonious" is ludicrous! And the fact that this article was written, paid for, and published, only proves that Mr. Rutten, the L.A. Times and the Mail Tribune all need our prayers, just as do those who accept and believe this junk, because through articles like this they present the very epitome of the very corruption and bigotry that they supposedly decry. — Lawrence Vosen, Central Point

As an Ashland resident, I asked around about the Mount Ashland expansion.

What, can this be true? Creating new ski runs by cutting down special trees, and disturbing the fragile natural water source just for 7 percent of Ashland residents for two or four months of winter enjoyment? I will not be understanding or supporting of this plan.

The Mount Ashland Assocation should change its direction and leadership. Invest in improvements to the aging heavy equipment and lifts that are there. This would insure a safe and great ski day. There is no magic trick to expand usage, as money is a big issue with new interested skiers.

In return, the entire population of Ashland and parts of the valley would know our watershed is safe.

How many cities have their own watershed? Then the wildlife would remain in place and the trees will stand tall with grace.

Mount Ashland is special, but it can never have what Mount Hood or Mount Bachelor offer due to lack of size and snowfall. All mountains have their own stories, fun and beauty. Mount Ashland is a treasure, not expansion for profit when funding is a big question. — Jill Mackie, Ashland

I could not agree more with Gordon De Vos' letter to the editor June 19.

Our once-powerful nation lies in tatters. Our immigration policies are straight from the Wizard of Oz. Some states have laws protecting illegal immigrants from arrest, and some states want to allow illegal immigrants to attend state universities at the same tuition rates as legal state citizens.

When paper dollars were first printed, we could take a $20 bill to a bank and exchange it for a $20 gold piece! Don't laugh, cry. God, please protect us and save us from ourselves! — Gene G. Rushing, Medford

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