I write some thoughts about Jefferson Public Radio's development of the Holly Theater. First, in a perfect world all of us would like to have in Medford two thriving theaters, i.e., the Craterian and the Holly.

We know, however, that both now and during earlier good economic times the Craterian has barely been able to operate in the black.

I consider Jefferson Public Radio to be a most valuable part of our community in that it furnishes rational radio input to those who wish to listen. But is it responsible for Jefferson Public Radio to begin this project without first determining whether our community will support two theaters?

I have heard JPR's, and others', bland assurances that the Craterian will not be damaged. Are these assurances supported by any market studies or analyses of market data? If these data are available, they should be published to the community.

The city of Medford, if it wishes to act responsibly, should hesitate to spend public funds on this project until the analyses are completed.

Let us progress, but let us do it rationally and responsibly. — William A. Mansfield, Medford

Mr. Jacobson should expand his sources for political info ("Quit helping Palin", June 16). She didn't quit the Alaska governorship because she couldn't handle it. Rather, she quit to benefit the state due to the continuous, over-the-top harassment by liberal media and left-wing (mostly Democratic) political organizations.

The incessant harassment was a distraction to doing the state's business, not to mention the legal costs. That is why she quit.

And, in case you hadn't noticed, the harassment continues today. How many other governors (or other politicians for that matter) have had all their personal/business emails publicized? And for no other reason than harassment! By the way, did you read what the consensus conclusions were regarding those emails? Even the N.Y. Times concluded "there's nothing there." Translation: she was working hard on Alaska's business.

Furthermore, I'll take her patriotism over our apologizer-in-chief any day! How about making him publicize some of his emails, especially since he won't release any college records? — M. Isaak, Medford

Water is essential and cannot be replaced. Wouldn't it seem natural to preserve and protect this given municipal watershed?

How can we reasonably consider denying ourselves the fortunate position and advantage of such a gift and privilege by destroying our deserved water source? Would our future generations laugh at our carelessness, selfishness and foolishness?

Can we really rest at ease knowing that we consciously handed over precious resources baited by simple recreation? Join us in a citizen's demonstration, 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 28, at Ashland Plaza! — Joanne Navickas and Mori Samel-Garloff, Ashland

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