Once more we have our Ashland City Council letting our city have fireworks.

I know the fire department does not want them. For 14 years I have lived here and each year I and others ask for no fireworks. Isn't it enough to see Arizona burn? And see the destruction?

To say we only allow these sparklers, snakes etc., that are harmless? Where there is fire there is danger. They are fools! — Penny Beck, Ashland

It's being reported the esteemed senator from Arizona, John McCain, said although he has no proof, he believes some of the fires raging in his state were started by illegal immigrants.

Surely he was misquoted. Surely someone got that wrong. Please someone tell me they got that report wrong. — Mary Lewis, Eagle Point

A recent letter to the Daily Courier's editor pointed out that Grants Pass City Manager Laurel Samson (at $181,000 annually) gets more than Oregon's governor (at $93,600). (California's governor, too.) Further, online records show Samson also gets nearly $10,000 more than most U.S. senators and members of Congress, and she's right up there close to the majority and minority leadership in Congress.

Here's more online comparison:

Oregon secretary of state gets $72,000. Attorney general: $77,000.

State treasurer: $72,000. Chief justice of the Oregon Supreme Court: $128,556.

The city of Grants Pass' elite "executive staff" gets more than the members of the entire Oregon Supreme Court.

Samson gets more than all of the above off the backs of our little town of 33,000 population, which is an acknowledged poverty pocket in Oregon. Average annual income for a single person in Grants Pass is $22,000; Chief Henner, at $156,000, also gets more than Oregon's Supreme Court chief justice. Sounds like Bell, Calif.

This may account for the arrogance of the city's elite being above the laws — even when Samson was found guilty and fined by the state of Oregon for violating the state's election laws.

Check it out: http://sunshinereview.org/index.php/Oregon_state_government_salary. — Mark Kelso, Grants Pass

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