Sen. Jason Atkinson's proposal to increase the freeway speed limit to 75 mph will have the following benefits:

It will increase fuel usage by approximately 5 percent and thus increase state tax revenues and revenues for the entire oil industry from individual gas station owners to the top corporations.

It will slightly increase the number of accidents and their severity, thus increasing revenue for the medical service industry, lawyers, repair shops, insurance companies, etc.

It will pressure those very elderly and economy-minded drivers who now drive at the truck speed limit to speed up, thus mitigating the frustration on impatient drivers who get stuck behind slower drivers.

There most likely will be an increase in the number of animals killed on the freeway, thus reducing over-populations and providing more food for carrion eaters.

It will get those out-of-staters out of our state faster.

Good luck with your bill, senator. — Robert Mumby, Phoenix

Although I'm not a Medford resident, I wish to vocalize my support for the Medford School Board and the foresight involved in the alternative Central High School program.

I grew up in the days of an old Fram oil filter commercial that used the slogan "You can pay me now or pay me later" to promote the regular use of filters to prevent costly engine wear. Even in tough economic times, we need to keep a long-term perspective.

It is a much greater economic and social benefit for our community to put money into programs for kids who need an alternative high school program than to spend more dollars later for treatment, incarceration or other support programs for adults. These "kids" will be the parents of another generation. If we fail them, we handicap their children as well.

The benefits of an alternative program are not only measured in graduation rates but in lives saved and changed. — Peter Ware, Talent

In a letter, Congressman Walden assured me that "the Medicare and Social Security benefits you counted on will be there for you."

The government's covenant will not be broken and then, in the next sentence, he told me that he wants to ravage my wife's financial and medical future because she is not yet 55.

He complained about the gimmicks and accounting tricks that created this huge budget deficit. I remind readers that the greatest gimmick was fighting two wars off the books. He was in Congress and supported those wars. He is now telling the American people that we cannot afford the promised benefits to retirees, disabled citizens and children because he wants to continue to subsidize big oil companies. He is afraid to increase taxes, even on millionaires and billionaires, and is unwilling to close corporate loopholes that allow major corporations like GE to pay no corporate taxes.

If our nation can spend more on our military budget than all the rest of the countries in the world combined, then we can certainly afford to take care of all our citizens, not just those over 55. — William McDonald, Jacksonville

Neal Anderson wants to know if those that oppose abortion are willing to adopt. Lyn Barton tells us they have, and she directs those wishing to adopt to contact the Pregnancy Resource Center.

Well that's all good and fine. I say, if you are a pregnant teen in fear because your father is a right-wing, fundamentalist Christian tyrant, and you do not want your parents to find out, contact Planned Parenthood immediately!

It's your body, and it's your choice! — Carson Allen, Gold Hill

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