JPR should have heeded Luke 14:29 — don't start what you can't finish. They have big plans, but now they want the taxpayers to bail them out. I say, no way! — Jim Andrews, Medford

Sen. Atkinson is asking for a change in the speed limit on the freeway. When no police cars are visible, the unofficial speed limit is already 75 and above. Those of us traveling at 65 mph seem to be blocking traffic. If the official limit goes to 70 or 75, what will the unofficial limit be? — Pat Burton, Central Point

Next month, thousands of Oregon public school teachers will lose their jobs. But the state will be hiring more prison guards.

Oregon's Measure 11 law, where the first-time offender receives the same amount of jail time as the previously convicted felon, has caused an increase in the state's prison population. Clearly our state lawmakers must answer the question: Is justice being served at the expense of cutting funding for Oregon public education? — Joe Willett, Brookings

My congratulations to Kim Wallan on her new Medford School Board position. Kim has worked hard within the Medford school system in the past and she will serve the board well.

I recently put my hat into the Medford School Board race. It was, overall, a great experience. Meeting hundreds of community members at their doorsteps was certainly the highlight of the campaign.

I am especially grateful to Stand for Children and for its endorsement of my candidacy. As they shared with me early on, I was the "unknown" in the race and it would be my biggest hurdle to overcome. Still, that they felt strongly enough to endorse me means more than words can express. Thanks to all of you once again.

What a great honor it was being asked by parents of existing students to run. I appreciate their vote of trust and confidence and will remember it always.

Lastly, to my wife, our five wonderful children, seven grandchildren, and close friends who were there alongside me every step of the way, I express publicly my love and gratitude for each of you. It is times such as these that I know how absolutely blessed my life is. — Frank Grant, Central Point

Wow! Ashland found in cougar territory! — J. Hazeltine, Jacksonville

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