I guess some of us are just thick-headed, but I can't understand the pricing at different gas stations.

The question of the age is: Are gas stations gouging? You betcha, Red Ryder! This morning (May 20), regular at the 76 station in Phoenix was $4.039 a gallon; at the North Freddy Meyer it was $3.889 ($.15 cheaper); and at Costco it was $3.799 ($.24 cheaper). How is such a disparity justifiable — let alone fair? — Murray LaHue, Phoenix

After following the news of the Holly Theatre Restoration Project and studying the project summary to MURA, I am in strong support of this effort. As Medford grows, two performing arts and entertainment centers are viable, especially if they attract somewhat different programs and audiences, which is clearly part of the Holly business plan.

I have first-hand experience with the impact of renovated performing arts facilities in city centers. For 13 years I was general manager and later president of The Heathman Hotel in Portland, next door to the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Our business was a very active partner with the arts center.

In Bend, I was part of the group that brought back the Tower Theatre. Downtown Bend has developed beautifully around this restored facility. Having managed the Ashland Springs Hotel, I witnessed the economic power of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Oregon Cabaret Theatre.

JPR has proven success with bringing back the Cascade Theatre in Redding. Medford is ready for another entertainment venue. MURA has provided infrastructure that will support the restored Holly and its neighborhood. Cultural tourism is alive and well throughout Oregon, from Astoria to Klamath Falls. Why not here? — Mary Arnstad, Arnstad & Associates LLC, Medford

The convenience of car ownership is often a status symbol, but registering a vehicle can be a headache.

My pay stub state income tax line reminds me I'm an Oregon resident in the active Army. In March, I came back from Afghanistan. I picked up my car from storage, but have not yet been able to drive it. While I was overseas, the registration expired in a storage unit outside Fort Drum, N.Y. No problem, I thought, as I got in touch with Oregon DMV.

Following their advice, I got emissions checked in New York. In April I sent the results, a check and the correct forms stating my address as Fort Drum, N.Y., and waited. It was sent back to me weeks later with 17 cents postage due. I sent it again and called the DMV to check. It then told me it wanted a pay statement from my job. Seeing that the registration is backdated to the expiration, I begin to despair of getting my registration before the next one is due. I live on an Army base but I cannot even drive off on leave.

Even with Oregon support for the Army, DMV is still a monster. — Ryan E. Flynn, Fort Drum, N.Y.

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