Sen. John Kyl recently stated that abortion accounts for over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does, and a writer chastised him for supposedly "lying." Planned Parenthood's own fact sheet claims abortion accounts for only 3 percent of their client "services."

Why the large discrepancy? Let's do the math: PFA says they have 3 million clients and perform 332,278 abortions annually in the USA. That's 11.07 percent and doesn't add up.

Here's how they cook the books: Instead of comparing abortions performed to total clients served, PPFA dilutes the number by comparing total abortions performed to total number of "services" performed, knowing each client receives multiple services. PPFA's 2009 Fact Sheet lists over 10 million client "services" performed. So, abortions did represent roughly 3 percent of all "services" performed on clients.

But, PPFA's 2009 statistics also show they sold 1,537,180 emergency contraception kits. Folks, emergency contraception very likely kills a human zygote (biology talk for human being). That fits the definition of an abortion.

Abortions performed plus emergency contraception kits sold equals 62.3 percent of their clients who received abortions or likely abortions.

Sen. Kyl's number was a little off, but PPFA was much further off the truth with its statistics "… why? It's called taxpayer money. — Kristin O'Driscoll, Jacksonville

Regarding Harlan Moore's letter regarding the veracity of Sen. John Kyl's statement that abortion counts for over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does, actually, according to Planned Parenthood's 2009 Fact Sheet, Kyl's statement may be factual.

This is how it works: Planned Parenthood has two types of clients, pregnant and non-pregnant. Kyl's statement presumably could not be applied to a non-pregnant client, so we must analyze pregnant client services. In 2009 PPFA performed 997 referrals for adoption, 7,021 prenatal services and 332,278 abortions. Those statistics, based on PPFA's own data, tell me that abortion accounted for 97.64 percent of what they do to the unfortunate pregnant women who cross their threshold.

Do politicians lie? Undoubtedly. Did Sen. Kyl lie on this issue? You decide.

By the way, did you know: PPFA received $363 million in taxpayer money in 2009 and made a profit of $63.4 million that year?

In 2009 PP of SW Oregon had income of $6.025 million, of which $5.112 million was taxpayer money? (Form 990, 2009).

I am all for being factual respecting planned Parenthood — America's No. 1 baby killer, courtesy of your taxpayer money. — Bryan Platt, Eagle Point

Thank you for your reasonable, fact-based April 17 editorial on taxes.

Yes, we Americans — especially the affluent and wealthy — need to pay more taxes in order to balance the budget and enjoy life in a civilized society. Those who think only of themselves and disregard the common good are doomed to live in a country at war with itself and the rest of the planet. Greed, selfishness, and hatred, not to mention lies — as espoused by the current Republican Party — bring out the worst in everyone. Eisenhower must be turning in his grave! — Julia Sommer, Ashland

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