It's ironic that James Farmer, acting chairman of the Jackson County Constitution Party, uses religion to justify his party's homophobic agenda and his tirade against the acceptance of a gay pride entry in the Pear Blossom Parade.

He quotes directly from the Bible at one point and also describes his party's platform as follows: "The creator defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman."

It appears that the Constitution Party's views on this matter are based mostly on religious beliefs, despite the fact that the First Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that politics and religion are not to infringe upon one another. Perhaps the members of the Constitution Party should stop thumping the Bible and start thumping the Constitution. Or maybe they could change their name to the Bible Party.

Mr. Farmer also insists the homosexual community is trying to "recruit" our children. Give me a break. That would be like trying to recruit someone into having a particular blood type. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Did Mr. Farmer require heterosexual recruitment? Hmmm.

I encourage anyone reading this not to support the Constitution Party and their ignorant intolerance. — Anthony Nelson, Ashland

It gets so old listening to the same arguments and whining about the school budget year after year. The horrendous personnel costs in payments of PERS are ruining the education system. Everyone has their own agenda. It's a NIMBY approach (cut everywhere except in my area).

The union employees and leaders refuse to give any ground. Yes, I know they claim they have given up a lot, but they have no idea what that means. There were days, not that long ago, when teachers had over 30 pupils in every class and there was no problem. Why? Now just the idea of adding one additional student throws them into a tizzy.

There isn't that much more to teach today than there was because they don't even cover everything we were taught. Our teachers worked 8 to 5 daily with no inservice days; parent-teacher conferences were held in the evening; homework was graded at night or while the students were doing other classroom activities. We didn't have computers, spell check or calculators. The teachers actually had to "grade" papers and students had to actually learn. The unions and their members don't care about the students, only their own wallets. — P. Moran, Medford

On Friday, April 15, the United States Department of Justice seized the domain names and accounts of the three largest poker sites in the world — literally freezing the assets of millions of Americans whose only crime is playing a card game.

The government not only essentially fired thousands of Americans who use poker as either primary or supplemental income (apart from a hobby) but have left absolutely no recourse for recovering the money they deposited and earned.

AIG, CitiGroup, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, etc., literally lied to, stole from, gambled with and lost billions of dollars from Americans and were rewarded with virtually zero prosecutions, zero frozen personal accounts and hundreds of billions more to continue their vampiric operations. Catholic priests supported financially and logistically by Americans and the Vatican molested literally thousands of children, yet the bank accounts of all U.S. Catholics were not seized, their churches were not shut down by the FBI, and the priests were largely able to buy their way out of prison via large settlements.

Lying to, stealing from and raping Americans are not just acceptable, but smart policy.

Playing a card game in the privacy of your own home? Not in this America. — Craig Stephens, Ashland

Cut schools, libraries, and other essential services? What happened to the revenue side of this equation?

If Bill Sizemore and a few of his ultra-rich friends hadn't hornswoggled voters into passing tax cuts mainly for the benefit of large corporations, and if those corporations were now paying their fair share, we would have enough to avoid these cuts.

Next time someone offers free lunch, let's not be so gullible. — Nick Tennant, Ashland

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