Commissioner John Rachor took the time to explain why there will be choices on the ballot for people to decide three issues. They are whether the county clerk, county assessor and county surveyor should be positions appointed or remain as is, elected. I appreciate he did that.

Right now I believe we have three good commissioners, each one wanting the best for our county. Rachor explained the reasons why this possibility arose and what the benefits would be. I applaud the commissioners for wanting to streamline government as much as possible.

I remain convinced it is not a good idea to give up our right to vote on these positions. Who knows who may be elected commissioners in the future who do not have the integrity as our present ones? I am firmly opposed to centralizing power away from the people. — Willa Johnson, Phoenix

The March 25 guest opinion by an off-road vehicle gentleman against protecting public lands contained many alleged "facts."

He claimed the Soda Mountain Wilderness to be 230,000 acres and the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument to be 52,940 additional acres. He was close on the monument. But the Soda Mountain Wilderness is only 24,100 acres — and those acres are inside the monument. So he overstated his case by about 80 percent there. That's not just off the road; it's off the rails.

The run-up to the Cascade-Siskiyou Monument saw opponents citing many similar "facts." The government would steal adjacent private land, we were told. Some opponents said there would be no hunting or fishing allowed — not even hiking or horseback-riding. One scared soul in Hornbrook even told me the new monument meant "No human contact."

If I'd have believed half the things sincere (and insincere) people were saying against the monument, I'd have been against it, too. Instead, it's just public land like it was before — but with kinder and gentler BLM management.

If spring ever comes, have a nice hike or horseback ride in the monument. And, if you hunt up here, I hope you get your elk next fall. — Dave Willis, Greensprings

The sin of self-centered greed infects millions of people, but none so blatantly as the three Republican ex-Congressmen (Tom DeLay, Randall "Duke" Cunningham and Bob Ney) currently incarcerated in federal prison.

These greedy millionaires no longer waste our tax dollars eating $75 meals and riding around in stretch limousines. In an ironic turnaround worthy of Shakespeare, their home is now a place of clanging steel doors and the ever-present aroma of Lysol, greasy food and body odor.

Like O.J. Simpson, these clowns believed that their dream teams of high-priced attorneys would keep them from ever being punished in any way. Oh well, one can always dream.

Not surprisingly, these slick, immoral millionaires spent many decades braying and blabbing about good morals, God, family values, etc. — all the while committing dozens of felonies and stealing everything they could get their hands on. Such hypocrisy is not only disgusting, it is a crass and callous betrayal of America and everything it once stood for.

One hopes that the prison experience will knock some sense into these GOP felons, and make decent citizens out of them. But that's probably not very realistic. — James Snyder, Medford

Jessica McClure/Morales, who just turned 25, at 2 years of age was trapped in a well hole for several hours and thankfully survived. But does anyone remember the tragedy of Kathy Fiscus, who in 1949 fell in a well hole and was trapped for 27 hours and didn't survive?

I don't remember how old she was but I do remember the story very vividly. I was 17 at the time and we didn't have a TV set, but we followed the story by radio. — Marilyn Huntsman, Central Point

My granddaughter would be 24 years old on April 3 if she had not been killed by a drunk driver.

Happy birthday, Leah. — Jay Therien, Phoenix

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