Homeless in Ashland: Fines often ignored, go unpaid (MT, March 26). So what? Sal Esquival refused to pay taxes, describing his refusal as a wise business decision, and Republicans re-elected him to the state Legislature. Why criticize the homeless for following Sal's example? — Bill Sherwood, Phoenix

Medford Police Chief Randy Schoen recently wrote a guest opinion in the MT. His article would lead readers to believe that Capital Hill residents are selfish and would happily sacrifice the effectiveness of Medford's communications system for their own self interests. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The residents of Capital Hill have lived happily with an existing tower in the middle of the Medford Water Commission land for years. What sparked concern was that Chief Schoen and the city decided that they would dramatically increase the height of the tower and move it downhill and right next to private property. No warning to neighbors or any chance to discuss concerns or questions that residents might have.

All of this was based on 1980 technology and no interest from the city or Chief Schoen in looking at possible alternatives or new technology that might mitigate some of the residents' concerns. The city obviously believes that they have no need to comply with the same restrictions they put on its citizens, including height limitations, setbacks and notification. Just because they might have the right to do something doesn't mean that it is the right thing to do! — Tom Dew, Medford

Your March 23 article "Harry & David faces hard choices soon" has a bondholder saying "Anyone can make cheesecake and throw a Harry & David label on it."

Harry & David has always taken pride in superior quality of the products they sell. They have their own bakery, candy kitchen and orchards. Not all items they sell are made by them anymore but the standard still stands — items aren't shipped unless perfect. Their guarantee: Items arrive perfect or are replaced, or payment refunded.

Harry & David is known throughout the catalog industry for dedication to delivering quality products and for the extensive training of their order takers/customer service personnel. As far as I know, none of these policies have changed.

So just any old cheesecake won't do — not after 75 years of doing business the right way. They are having problems now, but I hope they find ways to alleviate their financial problems that will not affect the quality and service customers have come to expect.

Oh, did I happen to mention that I've been a customer of Harry & David for many more than the six years I was employed there? — Cheryl Stout, White City

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