An upgraded aquatic facility in Medford is unjustified in a stellar economy, notwithstanding the current economy, yet the City Council continues propagating proposals, via the MT (our public sector-pandering paper), pining for acclamation by attrition on taxpayers. Their proposals have the worthiness of an ashtray on a motorcycle.

At Parks and Recreation, Brian Sjothun's hazers claim they've received favorable responses, yet I haven't spoken with anyone who advocates this plan. Who, and where, are these favorable respondents?

So far, I've lost count at zero. So please, folks, sharpen your pencils, phone the neighbors and let yourselves be heard! Currently you're as rare as alien abductees who've won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.

It's frightening that the council ponders such proposals, but anything in which Bob Strosser has an influence would be like putting Orson Welles in charge of the Twinkie factory. The council has water on the brain, so taxpayers should propose a scalpel to relieve this pressure, a la Hubert Smith, in hopes of better discretion. Otherwise, we might as well have a chimp down there roller skatin' and smokin' cigars!

I propose this to Sjothun, his hazers and the council: Fix what you've got and quit your bitchin'! — C. G. Curtis, Phoenix

Many of us concerned about the worldwide population explosion found the recent article "Sharp Increase in Latino population" alarming because there's no counteracting decrease in any other population in Jackson County.

A few days earlier, Mark Marchetti contributed a guest opinion piece commenting on funding cuts proposed by Gov. Kitzhaber and how those cuts affect small community hospitals. As Marchetti is CEO of Ashland Community Hospital, it's understandable he is against those cuts.

But Marchetti complains those cuts involve payments through Medicaid, and he writes, "For ACH, the highest Medicaid population is in the Birth Center."

Neither article makes it clear, but an enterprising reader might put these two articles together and ask the question — how many of these births have roots in the desire of illegal aliens to establish roots on American soil? If that is the motivation, Kitzhaber's fund-slashing program makes perfectly good sense.

The Arizona Legislature has recently advanced two bills: one to deny automatic citizenship to a child born to illegal aliens and another to compel hospitals to report births of babies to illegal parents to the immigration authorities. Maybe it's time for Oregon to adopt similar measures. — Mary Elbert, Grants Pass

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