Robert Bennett's recent letter about the "failure of multiculturalism" raises a lot of questions.

How shall we consider multiculturalism a failure when it's fueled the United States since its inception? Is he saying our bold experiment in democracy is a failure?

What would the alternative be? We see disastrous results in nations trying to enforce cultural homogeneity. Who can believe that to be preferable to multiculturalism?

Is it really the place of government to impose a single culture on all of us? If so, which culture shall we choose and how shall we choose it?

Can't we remember the lesson of World War II, in which we fought (multiculturally) against a nation working to reduce multiculturalism?

Mr. Bennett calls for us to "put an end to birthright citizenship." If being born here doesn't guarantee citizenship, who should be considered a citizen? What kind of birthright elitism is he advocating?

On immigration: How can we determine which immigrants will have "something to contribute" to our nation? Who are the "hostile immigrants from Latin America?" How can we continue to call the United States of America a "free country" when some people are arrested merely for being here? — Scott McKay, Medford

I was dismayed to see my photo, title of "Bloomsbury Manager" and misconstrued remark on the cover of last Sunday's Mail Tribune. In no way did I mean to sound elitist or represent Bloomsbury Books as such. I have worked at Bloomsbury Books for over 20 years and I know how much we respect and appreciate all our loyal customers from Medford and all the surrounding areas.

I have joyously participated in many cultural events in Medford, including just last Friday night's bi-annual opening event and lecture at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center in Medford. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed and supported many other cultural activities in Medford, from the Craterian to the RCC/SOU Center for Higher Education, "Art In Bloom," as well as many other venues.

In truth, I see the whole Rogue Valley as growing in its cultural richness with Ashland, Medford and other surrounding communities partnering and enriching one another more and more. Please forgive my comment and know it was perhaps misconstrued, and did not reflect my sincere feelings in this important matter. — Rebecca Gabriel, Ashland

I wonder why we are so reliant on Middle Eastern oil when we have an abundance of light sweet crude in our own backyard. The Bakken discovery in Montana and the Dakotas several years ago has more than 2 trillion barrels of easily recoverable crude, more than all of the Middle East put together. And yet we continue to rely on the unstable governments of the Middle East for our needs. What am I missing? I have forwarded this e-mail to senators Wyden and Merkley and congressman Walden. — C. Gates, Medford

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