Recently, I sat in on the City Council meeting where the discussion centered around concerns for the new communications tower. Since when did the chief of police become the expert on communications? Wasn't he the one who dropped the ball on communicating with affected neighbors?

I think there is a solution for this mess in relocating the tower (a smaller version) to one of the hospitals or one of the fire stations either on Roberts Road or North Phoenix Road. When you look at this monster, one wonders who the heck designed and erected it. There has to be better and more sophisticated technology today than from early 2000. Obviously, not much thought was put into this one.

Since there seems to be two sets of rules, one for the city and one for the citizens, maybe a third set of rules needs to be established making those directly affected (property values decreasing $60,000) be permanently exempt from paying city taxes. Fair is fair! — Linda Kesling, Medford

I wanted to voice my opinion concerning an aquatics facility. We are long overdue for a facility in this valley. What has been proposed has not been some extravagant competitive pool just to appease the affluent kids in the valley. It is a community improvement with lasting benefits to everyone in the area.

Not only those people who would use the facility would benefit from it, but those people who own businesses in the area, truly this is another investment in our economy.

We must also look at the physical health in the valley and realize, we have a community that must address its health. Ask any health professional and they will say the best way to cut costs in the medical field is by prevention. Swimming, and swimming activities are one of the healthiest activities we can participate in. It is good therapy, good conditioning, good for the mind, and good education.

This facility would do nothing but improve the quality of life for all who live in and around Medford, directly or indirectly! Please let's get this moving forward, our community is worth it! — Pam Darnall, Medford

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., was interviewed recently on NPR. He was challenged to come up with proposals for reducing the government's spending, the debt and deficit.

At first, all he could do was suggest that, perhaps, Social Security benefits for wealthy persons could be reduced. Penalize the "evil rich." Hogwash.

Later, he observed that "all levels of society would have to sacrifice." As a rookie (and not a senator), I suggest my Social Security check be cut by 10 percent, my Medicare carry a $10 co-pay, and my Medi-Gap policy premium be raised by 10 percent.

Unlike the public employee dimwits in Wisconsin, I am willing to take a hit. Also, there should be no exemptions for police and firefighters. These people are ordinary unionized working stiffs, not the heroes their unions peddle to us.

We can bite the bullet now ... or later. — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

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