If we ended our fruitless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we could fund our schools, feed our hungry and provide health care for all Americans. Our choice is and has been clear for some years ... guns or butter? — V. Handel, Medford

In her Feb. 20 letter to the editor, Sabrina Paulick complains that she has been accused of "endangering the life of a newborn baby, jeopardizing the health of my community and relying on other vaccinated children to keep my family safe." Despite her protestations to the contrary, I suggest that she is "guilty as charged."

I'm wondering which "mountain of evidence" she is relying on to justify her failure to vaccinate her children. She should look at the other mountain of evidence, a much larger and far more compelling one, now hundreds of years in the making, that documents our escape from the dark ages of scientific ignorance, superstition, preventable illness and unnecessary and early death. — Greg Jeffries, Medford

In regard to the ongoing question as to whether or not the city should build a very expensive water park, in my opinion, at this time, with the economy in the sink and the city's budget in the red, it doesn't make any sense to build a water park that will never support itself, with the exception of possibly the first year!

When the "new" wears off, then guess who's going to pay for it? Once again, in my opinion, I feel the Parks and Recreation Commission has done a very poor job of maintaining the two existing pools by not fixing the leaks that have been ongoing for years and not re-plastering them periodically as they should have been.

May I suggest to save lots of money that the city cannot spend, that the two existing pools be refurbished and leave a new water park to a brighter day sometime down the road. My wife and I were residents of Medford since 1986; we now live in Phoenix. — Sondra and Andy Anderson, Phoenix

With great interest, I read Mr. Reed's letter of Feb. 20, "Sopranos visit Phoenix." If Mr. Reed watched less of "The Sopranos" and became more aware of what's going on around him, he would be much more credible.

The Phoenix interchange has been a work in progress for many years. Previous councils recognized they were part of the region as well as the state acting in good faith.

Being well-informed goes a long way in being an effective leader. Name-calling and blaming others only demeans. — Alfred Willstatter, Ashland

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