Letters to the Editor

I would like to publicly congratulate Dr. Mary Cullinan, president of Southern Oregon University, for receiving the prestigious CASE 2011 Leadership Award. She has done an exemplary job of maintaining our university to the highest standards and increasing enrollment in this recession atmosphere.

Amazing things keep happening all over the campus of SOU under her leadership, from increased retention of students to academic honors and positive changes in the athletic department. We are very fortunate to have such a university in our area and to have a person as creative and courageous as Dr. Cullinan at its helm. — Carol A. Moody, Medford

In response to "Turf war" (Feb. 13), if Phyllis does not like communities with neighborhood associations, she has every right not to move into one. Those who choose neighborhoods with associations (and seek them out), understand why they exist and welcome enforcement, if not expect it.

They are a legal and binding document a homeowner signs and agrees to upon receiving the title to their home. The gentleman who installed fake grass could have saved himself frustration (and fines), by removing the turf, or doing what his contract asked, which was to notify the neighborhood association before doing major changes to the outside of his home, or hire a local teen or lawn company to assist him.

The possibilities are endless; with a good association you do not see trailers, recreational vehicles, trash cans and unkept landscaping and fences. They do keep a community looking nice.

I don't think people want to see fake grass that shines in the sunlight, comes in various shades of green and feels like prickly needles up and down their block. What's next, fake silk trees?

The best live grass blend is 90 percent tall fescue, 10 percent Kentucky bluegrass. — L. Decker, Central Point

The Friends of the Ashland Public Library and the library staff want to publicly thank Sue Lopez for all she has contributed to the library during her many years as president of the Friends of the Library.

Sue brought energy and fun to her role, leading the Library Friends into new horizons and fund-raising opportunities. Always full of ideas and ways to work with other community groups, Sue also built connections with other Library Friends groups throughout the county, sharing knowledge and programs.

Thank you, Sue, for your past work and continued commitment! — Amanda Casserly, president of the Friends of the Ashland Library and Amy Blossom, Ashland branch manager

I hate the phrase, "I told you so" and try not to ever say it. Guess what — many years ago, on Garth and my radio show, we had the chief of police on the air and questioned the obvious growth of gang activity in the Rogue Valley.

Tagging was a problem. Yes, it was a first sign, but it was growing and we were concerned. The chief said we were overreacting to "Wannabes" and that if they, meaning the police, did anything, it would be perceived as profiling, something they were sensitive to try to avoid.

Tonight, we watched a report on Channel 10, reporting the gang activity in our beautiful valley, that has tripled in one year, with one death, directly attributed to a 14-year-old kid, who indicates no remorse for his actions. It was characterized as "a badge of honor."

I can't help but wonder if our concerns those years ago had been taken seriously, and the gang "wanna-be's" were treated seriously, if anything would be different. One thing is for sure, "wannabes" are full-fledged, active and deadly gang members.

I told you so. — Rosemary Harrington, Medford

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