Letters to the Editor

If the president is really serious about budget reduction, he must order a reduction in federal employment instead of hiring thousands of additional employees. A 10 percent reduction in every federal agency through attrition is in order. — Lloyd N. Clodfelter, Medford

The recent proposal by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners to change the offices of county clerk, assessor and surveyor from elected offices to offices appointed by members of the board is a very bad idea.

How much independence and job security would appointed surveyors and assessors feel they had if they were performing work on properties owned by board members, their friends, relatives or political supporters? Since the county clerk is responsible for vote counts, commissioners would be in a position to manipulate their own votes.

I seriously doubt that the people of Jackson County would want to surrender their constitutional right to vote to the Board of Commissioners. They would be fools to do so. That is unless they want to risk dishonest county government.

Now, our Board of Commissioners wants the power to create new taxing districts. The people of Egypt just dismissed their autocratic government while our Board of Commissioners is trying to create one.

I now see the need to increase the number of commissioners on the Board from three to five and use the same dollars being spent on three commissioners to compensate five. And how about having a woman on the board? — Rob Morgan, Eagle Point

I wonder if James Snyder via his Wednesday, Feb. 16, hateful anti-gun rant would label women and black men who rightly defended themselves with a firearm as "loners, gun nuts, and right wing Second Amendment activists?" — James A. Farmer, Ashland

I wanted to voice my opinion concerning an aquatics facility. We are long overdue for a facility in this valley. What has been proposed has not been some extravagant competitive pool just to appease the affluent kids in the valley. It is a community improvement with lasting benefits to everyone in the area. Not only those people who would use the facility would benefit from it, but those people who own businesses in the area; truly this is another economic generating investment.

We must also look at the physical health in the valley and realize, we have a community that must address its health. Ask any health professional and they will say the best way to cut costs in the medical field is by prevention. Swimming and swimming activities are one of the healthiest activities we can participate in. It is good therapy, good conditioning, good for the mind and good education.

This facility would do nothing but improve the quality of life for all who live in and around Medford, directly or indirectly! Please, let's get this moving forward. Our community is worth it! — Pam Darnall, Medford

I love Harry & David. What a great place, and one of the biggest employers in the valley. Quality in service and merchandise. That was before the bigwigs jetted into town and in less then a year ran it to the ground.

Seems odd these high rollers made a shambles of a great company so quickly. I remember in the summer reading in the Tribune how "I can get bows cheaper in Manhattan then these people here do," what a crock and a slap in the face to people who have served 25-30 years at a company. Do any of these new corporate hounds live and work here?

You can get all fancy schmancy, but we all know to do a good business be honest, be fair, and respect the people who got you there in the first place.

I hope Harry & David can save itself. Maybe, just maybe, we don't need all the slick and "big city" ideas. Nothing wrong with good old-fashioned service and quality.

I wonder if some insiders are waiting to snatch up a company for a song, now that it is in dire straits. Time will tell. — Ron Cavalli, Medford

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