Setting aside the tax increases necessary to support this request for increase in local government and continued government spending, there is absolutely no sustainable way that the majority middle- and lower-income residents of our fair city will ever be able to afford the use of this beautiful but indefensible facility.

While generally an admirable quality, the optimism involved in the visitor projections in the various studies cited in Wednesday's article is laughable when one examines the reality of consistently decreasing annual visits experienced at every other one of these venues in existence. There is no doubt that this boondoggle would be of great benefit to a few contractors and the employees of the Medford Parks and Recreation Department. However, given the financial realities faced by those who will have to foot the costs of the initial and guaranteed-to-increase almost $22 million, as well as the ongoing and ever-rising employee and maintenance costs that will attach, this seems like a really, really bad idea.

Say we even had the funds, I am sure that with a little thought we as a city could responsibly find a much better use for them, and a use of far greater benefit to a majority of our residents. — Joe Lee, Medford

Whether you're a fan of the Super Bowl or not, there are some interesting questions.

How does Green Bay have an NFL team, when its population is 100,000 — less than a fifth the size of Portland, or about the same as Medford and Ashland?

Why haven't the Packers been moved by a billionaire owner to some giant metro area where he could make more money? Turns out the Packers aren't owned by a billionaire. They're a nonprofit corporation owned by the public. Instead of paying dividends to a super-wealthy individual, the Packers organization funnels money into a community foundation for education, health care and youth programs.

They'll be playing against a quarterback —— pronounced Rottenburger — who has left a trail of women who say he raped them. The NFL commissioner — who works for the billionaires who own all the teams except the Packers — denounced Rottenburger's actions, had him sit out a few weeks, and then let him resume making millions for the owners as if nothing happened.

Of course, who wins this football game makes no difference. But it would be nice in the real world if the "home team" could beat the Billionaires' Club once in a while. — Matt Witt, Talent

There are many, many things in our news lately that have truly caused my mouth to drop open and audibly say, "You've got to be kidding!"

Most recently, it is a congresswoman from Washington who is drafting, supporting and proposing a bill to sell marijuana in the state's liquor stores. Likening milk to marijuana and moving on to Coca-Cola like hard drugs, this supposedly educated woman's argument is that the proceeds from the sales raised will go to fund substance abuse treatment!

According to her, this proposition will regulate the marijuana, taking it out of the hands of drug dealers and the drug cartels, placing it in the hands of the state instead. Does anyone else see the total lack of common sense today in America?

Men and women serve, are wounded and die every day protecting our freedoms. Let's not insult their sacrifices by allowing the absolute, complete absurdity and perversion of these freedoms. — Linda E. Goltz, Medford

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