Our Legislature said it needed annual sessions because of the state's problems: unemployment, crime, hunger, etc. What is the first bill it proposes — hound-hunting.

Some kind of climate change calls for this. Not global warming but more Republican influence. Does this mean the right supports animal cruelty?

Twice the people have said hound-hunting, bear-baiting, etc., are inhumane and reprehensible. This hasn't changed no matter how much the hunting lobby spends. — Mary Kalakay, Medford

The United States Marine Corps Toys For Tots program continues to grow and improve in its efforts to reach out to the neediest children in our communities and will continue to improve coordination with other organizations with like interests.

USMC League volunteers have selflessly collected, sorted and distributed many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of toys to the valley's neediest children over the years.

Rather than lament the lack of coordination between valley charitable organizations, you chose to single out the USMC Toys For Tots program and told of a few isolated problem areas which are being addressed for the future. To add insult to injury, the local TV news channel selected the most derogatory statements from your story and broadcast them as facts.

This type of smear campaign has done irreparable damage to the most successful charitable toy distribution drive in the valley. I can only hope and pray that this story will not impact donations in coming years. — Loren Otto, Toys For Tots volunteer

The growing weakness of America is that it is attacking itself — a combination of the enemy within and a nation of sheep.

The ignorance and arrogance of ivory tower politicians and their owners make me doubt the worth of reason, logic and even common sense. Those yet unknown handful who would dare to blackmail, manipulate and even attempt to control any and every president.

Perhaps I'm being too paranoid, but I'm looking right at it — and so are you.

I find it impossible to believe that this recession/depression was not pre-planned. It all happened too fast to be a coincidence and then the dominoes started falling. The middle class was all but destroyed, along with small business. That, to me, was a power takeover gone sour, and has left a twisted sense of legalese that has broken the back of democracy.

So many have the right to be angry, but no reason to feel guilty. "You" didn't create this mess, "they" did! — F.C. Mequish, Medford

OK — I have had enough. Yale Sacks' letter regarding Sen. Atkinson's comments against the liberal media just goes too far.

As usual, the left has to use name-calling because it can't justify its positions. If you don't like Fox News, don't watch it. Interesting that he calls Palin, Angle and Brewer "like-minded sickos." Sounds to me like he has a problem with strong, independent women. Get used to it — we're here to stay. — Debby Leavens, Medford

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