Tom Rolie's Dec. 19 letter, "Dangerous trees," is both wonderfully satiric and tragically uninformed.

Trees indeed are "storage tanks" for carbon, just as people are carbon-based along with most everything on Earth. Nonetheless, too much carbon released into the upper atmosphere traps too much heat (for us ...) and warms our planet. Humans are also 60 percent water; that doesn't mean we can breathe it or live in it. Neither carbon nor water are poisons, but too much in the wrong place can still kill us.

Also Dec. 19, Jeff Meeks suggests, "We are in desperate need of a powerful control committee whose power exceeds our leaders and Congress to safeguard the citizens from what is transpiring now ..." Perhaps he's advocating another, "Committee of Public Safety," as during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror; a sort of "tea-party" gone astray that gained virtual dictatorial control over France. Hey; bring on the guillotines ... (Sept. 1793 to July 1794). — Rob Hirschboeck, Ashland

What a wonderful community to live in. The Soroptimist Holiday Home Tour was a huge success again this year. More than $14,000 was raised to help women and children in our community. This event would not be possible without the wonderful people who open their homes for our tour. They have our heartfelt thanks.

A special thank you goes to all the volunteers who helped this year. We especially want to thank Radio Medford, the Mail Tribune, Southern Oregon Subaru, KDRV and Southern Oregon Printing for their tremendous contribution.

Happy holidays! — Sheryl Alderson, president, Soroptimist International of Medford

A recent letter in the MT suggested that we should cut down our forests because they are storing huge amounts of carbon dioxide. Letters are a method of being heard, but they are not to be used to tell untruths.

Trees do store carbon dioxide. They also emit oxygen. These two transitions are what sustains life here on Earth. When you cut down the trees, you are removing one of those life-giving factors.

Distorting facts in the media is given the proper name propaganda.

Propaganda was the mother's milk of fascism. Hitler's success was due only to a huge propaganda blitz.

Let's try to keep our editorial pages "American" editorial pages. We've heard enough propaganda. — Ed Scanlin, Medford

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