In this beautiful season of peace, light and love, consider what a wonderful world God has given us. We need to show our appreciation and stop poisoning the earth, water and air we depend on for our existence. Our offspring deserve a habitable planet.

Worshipping the Prince of Peace is nice, but not enough. It's time we honor him by bringing our troops back home where they belong.

Our oil addiction has exiled our conscience, allowing our so-called leaders to plunge us into perpetual war — thus the deficit. Iraq should have taught us that changing our own behavior is cheaper and easier than bending the world to our will.

If people want to spread democracy, first we need to fix our own broken system and then lead by example. Democracy cannot be imposed at gunpoint.

A nation that doesn't mind giving its children unfunded military fiascoes, but pitches a fit over giving them health care, has seriously twisted moral values. Let's put Christ back into Christmas by opening our hearts and awakening our minds: Health care is good; war is evil. It doesn't get more straightforward than that.

Peace, salaam, shalom. — Michael Steely, Medford

I have been a faithful watcher of KDRV since the station went on the air. I am very disturbed about how Chambers Communication has placed Dish subscribers as hostages in their little money game. The local station of Channel 12 is a great station to watch but they are not "that good." From what I understand they were offered 85 percent of the fair market value for their signal but they have refused. What is little more disturbing is what may follow in the future. Are we looking at my pay per view on every station ...... scary if you ask me. And oh yea .... goodbye Channel 12 it was good while it lasted. As one of the other channels says ... they are a channel we can count on. — Gary Gimenez, Prospect

How do you spell stoopid? (spell check came back with stooped). The Oregon Department of Education is stupid for allowing spell check to be used on state writing tests or on any tests. Have they ever used spell check? It only checks if the word is in its dictionary, it doesn't tell the writer whether or not it is being used correctly.

For example, a 14-year-old relative recently asked her friends, on her Facebook page, what gifts should be included in her "stalking." If she had used spell check (maybe she did), it would not see her error, or know that she really meant "stocking." This is a student who receives A's and B's, yet whose spelling is atrocious.

I beg the Oregon Department of Education and the departments of education across the nation, please quit dumbing down our schools. — Pat Anderson, Medford

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