The simple, clear position is that the GOP is a mean, obstructive, destructive machine when it comes to American workers and especially to the unemployed. The issue was clear: Congress needs to help the unemployed by extending unemployment benefits. But the Grumpy Old Partypoopers refused and 800,000 of our fellow Americans are bereft, with two million more waiting for the ax to fall by New Year's.

Happy Holidays indeed. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

Tuesday's editorial is factually incorrect. It is possible to be directed through the body scanner without first being sent through the metal detector. It is also possible to be "groped" without refusing the body scanner. Having "endured it all," this white, balding senior learned their security was not adequate when later I discovered my 6-inch scissors had been left by accident in my carry-on luggage. — Mike Potter, Central Point

I am appalled and outraged that student Eliza Schaaf — who happens to have Down syndrome — has been kicked out of her ceramics class at Southern Oregon University.

As a citizen, I am outraged at this blatant disregard for and discrimination against someone with a disability who is merely trying to attend college like everyone else. As a parent of a senior in high school, I am looking at Southern Oregon University with new eyes, as a place where I do not want my daughter to attend.

Even if the ceramics teacher is telling the truth about Eliza needing more assistance than most students, so what? There are laws to prevent this kind of blatant discrimination even if your personal moral compass does not keep you from doing so.

This teacher should be fired and Southern Oregon University should take steps to see this kind of thing never, ever happens again. People should be outraged at this student's treatment and expulsion from her beloved ceramics class. — Mimi French-Templeton, Eagle Point

Two articles in the MT: one about Harold Straub, who was arrested for stealing equipment from Ashland Parks valued at about $1,000. I have no problem with this, as he probably stole much more over his 10-year employment.

Article No. 2: about an audit of the Oregon Marine Board's former director Paul Donheffner misusing taxpayers' funds to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars, including arbitrarily switching a negotiated rental for their annual law enforcement training of $35,000 to another non-negotiated rental for $61,000. Then, when he resigned, the board retained him at full salary for five months beyond the legal 30-day limit. No hint of any prosecution or accountability here? This seems to be business as usual in Oregon politics? — Wayne A. Ramey, Jacksonville

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