We've known all along that billions spent on war is billions not spent on schools, health care and food for communities. President Eisenhower said it. All peaceful, farming, educated people have been saying it since. Obama's own deficit commission admitted it in their report that was leaked to the press recently.

This stunning presentation gives real figures: www.truemajority.net/oreos/

We can't agree with most of what the commission laid out — more tax cuts for the wealthy, severe cuts to Social Security and Medicare, etc. But we can agree on their suggestion to spend $100 billion less on building and supporting an overgrown Pentagon war machine. It was quite a thing to read a government report which said, basically, we can't fix our budget problems without big cuts in the Pentagon.

Help spread the word about the truth of our economic situation — American people need not be hungry. Social Security recipients earned their money and we don't need to do this to them.

With 40 million Americans on food stamps and the U.S. spending more on military than the total of other industrialized nations, we think the Pentagon can spare some of its billions.

Peace and planting. — Jane Hunnicutt, Eagle Point

This letter is to express thanks to Frank Baratta and the Jackson County Road Department for fixing the extreme traffic hazard intersection of Taylor Road and Old Stage Road in Central Point. Travelers who are using those roads can now do so more safely! — Gordon and Erma Layton, Central Point

Many years ago we adopted a wonderful dog from the animal shelter. She was presented by Marty McGuire on KDRV's Friday morning "Pet of the Week" segment. We will never forget Marty talking with his beautiful voice about what a great pet "Snowball" (we named her Sandy) would make and how right he was. Sandy is now an old lady but still active and loving and part of our family forever.

So, thanks to KDRV, the animal shelter and Marty McGuire for bringing Sandy into our home. — Charles and Marilyn von Grabill, Medford

As a volunteer for Toys for Tots, I'd like to thank the community for supporting us in the past. Thousands of children have received your gifts at Christmas, letting them know how much their community surrounds them in a time of need. This hopefully will lead them down a path of "giving back" to their community when they are able.

What we give often returns tenfold.

The boxes are once again out in the community. I'd like to make a personal request that you have fun picking out a toy and then drop it off at a box location near you. Each and every contribution is guaranteed to bring joy to a child, and to your heart as well.

These boxes supply a majority of the toys distributed. We really are in need of your help to have enough toys for 2010.

For a list of participating locations, go to rv.toysfortots.org.

Thank you. — Lynda Saling, Medford

I can't understand why Eliza Schaaf has been asked by SOU deans O'Bryan and Arp not to attend the final classes of her introduction to ceramics course. I am confused because:

1. Her classmates all want her to return.

2. The SOU Student Senate passed a resolution of support.

3. Her petition to return to class has been signed by over 500 people.

4. Eliza wants to return to complete the class with her classmates.

Aren't the reasons given to Eliza in the dismissal letter irrelevant now? It appears that the SOU administration has failed to take any of this into account or to have the decency to reconsider. If anything, the actions of SOU are disruptive and fail to meet standards of higher education and the fine art program. Why can't SOU simply let Eliza finish the classes with her classmates?

The most recent offer from Dean O'Bryan states that separate times for finishing work and getting a final critique would be set up for Eliza. Why separate? Is it because Eliza has Down syndrome?

I don't think this is a characterization anyone wants. — Judy Barnes, Medford

In September, from under a rock, an idiot emerged. That was Rev. Terry Jones with his flock of 25 parishioners. He held at least 1 billion people aghast. He threatened to burn a number of Holy Qurans in a bonfire.

Now we have the Food and Drug Administration threatening the populace and the world with negative graphic advertising on all tobacco products. One only needs to read the encyclopedia to see that tobacco is one of our country's most important commercial products. Tobacco was widely used by the Indians at the time of the discovery of America.

Our economy is in shambles and our own government is attacking one of our most important segments of it. Not only will it be attacking the citizens of the United States, but citizens of the world. Soon the FDA will be making waves against tobacco products that are of utmost importance to our and other countries' economies. Do you know that worldwide, tobacco products create over $200 billion in tax revenue every year? — Don E. Elliott, Medford

Chalk up a victory for the cash-strapped shoppers of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Chalk up a defeat for the union front groups who'd prefer that we continue to see a weed patch and a temporary fence.

The unanimous decision by the Oregon State Supreme Court in favor of Walmart and local government is a victory for the people.

Enjoy it, because it isn't often that great decisions are made in blue states. — Ron Smith, Medford

Although many political letters have been submitted to the MT since the midterm election, some were particularly amusing since the authors were at a loss to explain the resurgence of the Republicans in the Senate, governorships and the House.

From a common-sense perspective, the answer to the Democratic "shellacking" as admitted by Obama and the New York Times is nothing more than the American people observing the Obama, Reid and Pelosi political machine in action for two years and clearly repudiating "Hope and Change." However, two letters were quite entertaining.

John Severance (Nov. 21) thinks Fox News is a GOP arm and is responsible for paranoid wacko, right-wing nut cases, conspiracy theorists and people just too lazy to think. Using Mr. Severance's logic, I suppose only clear-minded people that listen to Keith Olberman, CNN, and The Huffington Post are able to make informed decisions from a nonbiased news organization.

Lastly, we have the ever-present Michael Steely with his incisive political commentary (Nov. 16) that features words such as pitiful, sordid affair, berserk, hates, stupid and willful ignorance. Is it possible that Mr. Steely listens to Fox News or is just an angry political loser? You make the call. — John Mittendorf, Medford

Sunday's "Letters to the Editor" written by Bill Hartley and John Severance, both of Medford, prompted me to write.

It seems Mr. Hartley had a teacher who prompted his students to think for themselves. This appears to have served him well over the years, someone who would make a nice neighbor or friend. Someone who is able to work with others who may have a different opinion than his.

Mr. Severance, on the other hand, appears to have not had the benefit of Mr. Hartley's teacher. He appears to be an angry and narrow-minded person. There are "paranoid wacko nut cases" on both ends of the political spectrum. Gee, I wonder which side Mr. Severance is on. Maybe he is on the side of fear and hate! — Bob Baker, Medford

The retirement community where I live has for the past year been doing monthly collecting of food, gently used clothing and other useful items and delivering them to the Hearts with a Mission Group Home. It is heartbreaking to realize that there are over 1,800 homeless teens in our area. Our activities directors suggested that this year, in lieu of a Christmas gift exchange party, we collect gifts and have a gift-giving celebration party. This idea was warmly embraced by the residents.

The director of Hearts with a Mission suggested gifts that were needed: socks, undergarments, shirts. Other clothing garments would be much appreciated, such as sweatshirts, jackets, etc. Also gift cards from stores like Target, Old Navy and others would be great gifts. We wish these young people to know that they are loved and we care about them. For those who are unfamiliar with Hearts with a Mission they can go to www.heartswithamission.org or info@heartswithamission.org. — Alene Smalley, Medford

Why does everybody keep spelling it wrong? Sure, it's pronounced fox in the U.S., but it's spelled Faux News. — Peter Nemzek, Ashland

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