This retired taxpayer has taken enough of a hit on his taxes. Now comes Ron Kramer and the JPR Foundation looking for Medford dollars to help subsidize a grandiose scheme to remodel the Holly Theater, ultimately to compete with two struggling performing arts organizations.

We have Britt Festivals perhaps now coming out of a financial debt morass, the Craterian in one for the past two years (both independently operated by the way) and taxpayers in Medford are being asked to subsidize an organization (JPR) already subsidized in part by taxpayers? What chutzpah.

Yes, people, our benevolent Congress years ago began funding public broadcasting in an amount now half a billion (that's with a "B") dollars annually.

Some day it would be great to see the Holly restored, but not in these economic times, and not with taxpayer dollars. — Kurt Austermann, Medford

Our third annual dinner was held at the beautiful Bigham Knoll ballroom on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010, to fund ethical research for a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C, known as "Childhood Alzheimer's." We are humbled by the outpouring of love and support that came from this delightful evening in generous table sponsors, attendees, volunteers and in-kind donations.

The wonderful supporters of this nonprofit cause came together in a sold-out crowd to provide more than $23,000 to fund ethical research for "bench to bedside" therapies for all children afflicted with the disease. We are indebted to you for your support, and are so very thankful for your kindness and compassion to persevere forward with our mission. May God bless each of you for the renewed hope you give us with your support but most especially with your presence and prayers. — Laura Gallo-Hadley and Bryan Hadley, Hadley Hope Fund, Medford

In the case of Dr. Alan Bates in his defense of his Senate seat against Dave Dotterrer, I believe this can be characterized, no matter what the final outcome, as something substantially less than a mandate.

In the recent LCS, the vote to return Sal Esquivel to his seat in Salem is undeniably ... a mandate.

Oh, sorry. In this case the LCS does not stand for League Championship Series. Locally, instead it refers to the Howe campaign strategy ... lying, cheating and stealing. (The voters in Southern Oregon are pretty good umpires). — Garth Harrington, Medford

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