NPR's decision to sever ties with Juan Williams was the correct thing to do considering Williams' affiliation with Fox "news."

NPR's well-delivered, considerate and sober news reporting was in stark contrast to Fox's loudmouth punditry and speculation. Unfortunately, Williams seemed happy to shout along with the two loudest, Hannity and O'Reilly, who don't bother with fact-based analysis.

It's too bad because I used to like Juan before he sold out. — James Williams, Medford

The intersection of Highland Avenue and Barnett Road is very busy since it is the key intersection to find one's way to Interstate 5 and west Medford. Unfortunately, there are no signs informing motorists to turn there.

We tell our out-of-town visitors to proceed west on Barnett until they almost pass beneath the ugly bridge. Why not post a few signs telling motorists how to get to their destination? If fact, if the signs were large and mounted on the bridge, it would cover up part of the ugly bridge.

Speaking of the multi-million dollar bridge to nowhere, how does a non-Greenway pedestrian/cyclist find their way to the bridge — or is pedestrian safety confined to Greenway users only? — Pat Clason, Medford

It really amazes me how once in a while a physicist like Lawrence Krauss comes up with the theory for the human atom and cosmos by so-called human origin.

Even Darwin said there are no proven facts that we were put here by scientific evolution.

Krauss said he is defending science; he even admits that Jesus lived on earth.

Krauss should be very, very careful about his science atoms and cosmos in the evolution of humanity.

I have a degree in modern science and even the professors admit there never has been and never will be proven data on the beginning of man.

Don't be taken in by some physicist's deception. Don't shove God out of your life just because some nut says so.

Faith and love of Jesus and God has survived all fake and misleading teachings of human origins. That is what has kept our love of America. — Ray Vernon III, Central Point

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