In response to Mr. Dewey's letter regarding the public's perception of accordionists ("Accordionists are not amused," Sept. 24): The general public loves accordion music. It's just that accordion music has become a sort of "inside" cultural joke.

My dad played the accordion. He took the jokes as a sort of badge of honor, played whenever he felt like it and always received a receptive audience. Besides, if young people decide that accordion music is not for them they can always take up bagpipes. — Larry Korn, Ashland

Linda Augustin's letter of Sept. 22 said she wanted to vote for someone "who will listen to people and have a value system to lead him." Why she wants to vote for an unknown quantity rather than Sen. Ron Wyden I haven't a clue.

No public official that I know of listens to more Oregonians than Ron Wyden. Each and every year he holds town hall meetings in every county in Oregon and really listens to our concerns. And he does have a value system: doing what is best for the people of Oregon and our nation.

Most people I know are glad that Ron Wyden is a leading voice in health care reform, economic development, clean energy incentives and job creation.

Join me in voting for Senator Ron Wyden — and John Kitzhaber, Joyce Segers, Alan Bates, Rick Levine, Jeff Golden and Mark Wisnovsky. All offer solid, sensible leadership. — Allen Hallmark, Central Point

My name will be on the ballot as a candidate for Ward 111 in the upcoming Central Point City Council election. However, a recent injury to a member of my family forces me to withdraw from this political race.

Please do not vote for me. If, by chance, I were elected, I would resign immediately and the mayor would then appoint someone to the position.

I would like to thank Bill Christie and others for their support. One message I leave to you is to let your elected city officials know how you feel about ever increasing fees or sunset fees that do not go away. Attend City Council meetings and let your voices be heard. If enough people attend these meetings the council will listen. It is important for the citizens of Central Point to demand more of our elected officials and city administration. Thank you. — Walter Moczygemba, Central Point

Reasonable people may disagree about how many jobs would be created under Chris Dudley's 20-point plan to stimulate Oregon's economy and boost private sector job creation. But only a professional prevaricator like John Kitzhaber would suggest (on his website) that the plan "doesn't create a single job" for unemployed Oregonians.

Unfortunately this kind of misleading nonsense is the defining characteristic of the former governor's campaign for the office he left eight years ago. Perhaps he feels it is the only way he can divert attention from the fact that Oregon's unemployment rate rose above the national average early in his first term, a trend that has continued for 14 consecutive years of Democratic control of the governor's mansion.

It's time for a change. — Leda Gray, Central Point

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