Please caution your columnists to be more judicious with using humor, especially when possibly interpreted as derogatory. This Medford Accordion Club Board request is prompted by Bill Varble's column Sept. 13 which attributes to men the lack of enthusiasm about attending a specific theatrical event, one which involved no accordions.

Almost immediately, he sensed the inappropriateness of the comment and apologized with a remark about "just kidding." Unfortunately, brief subsequent disclaimers do not easily prevent the initial derogatory seeds from rooting, especially with persons who have not experienced a competent and well-presented accordion concert.

However, we are mainly concerned with the general principle involved. Derogatory generalizations issued by persons of influence can shape attitudes and result in baseless negative prejudices, whether toward accordions or any other aspect of life. For example, in this case, any of our young accordion players might unfortunately lose some precious enthusiasm for their new skill because a valued authority publicly expressed disapproval.

Happily, Mr. Varble enjoyed the theatrical event and probably also will enjoy the accordion concert we may eventually invite him to attend. — Jeanette Dewey, president, Medford Accordion Club

A recent article in the Tribune covered the energy-saving rewards of installing a white roof. The white surface reflects a good portion of the sun's rays that otherwise penetrate the roof and heat the house, boosting the expense of air conditioning.

A bit of online research provided this: There are acrylic latex paints specifically formulated for asphalt shingles (breathable to eliminate damage to the shingles) that could be used to whiten the countless dark asphalt shingle roofs soaking up heat and gobbling mass amounts of expensive energy. Sounds like something of a no-brainer, and would certainly help reduce energy consumption and global warming.

Do a bit of research, and if the info is authentic, get out your sprayers and paint brushes and help save this weary little planet. — Frank Long, Central Point

Eric Navickas has represented Ashland citizens with great energy and integrity, and he deserves another term on the City Council.

Eric has helped protect our watershed from development and fire, and he has consistently promoted sustainability in council decisions. His votes reflect common sense and fiscal responsibility. He has become an expert in city governance and is clearly the most qualified candidate.

I urge you to vote for Eric in this important election. — Julie Norman, Ashland

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