In all good conscience I cannot sit back and agree with the Eagle Point School District 9 School Board's decision to ask for Jim Mannenbach's resignation from the School Board. This is a huge mistake and decision for the board to make.

Jim Mannenbach was an awesome teacher and a mentor to my two daughters, as well as other students at Eagle Point High School. I personally cannot thank him enough for his diligent dedication of being a part in preparing them all for the real world.

Jim always went the extra mile in his classroom. He truly has a giving heart and genuinely cares about the education of our children. While a teacher, he always treated students, staff and parents with the utmost respect. I would like to see Jim given the same respect that he has shown to others by keeping Jim on the Eagle Point School District 9 School Board so he will be able to continue to do what he was elected by the people of Eagle Point to do and that is to make a difference for student education.

Jim, keep on working diligently on the School Board for our students and our community. You are appreciated by so many of us. — Carolyn Chamberlain, Eagle Point

Ron Wyden does not deserve another term as a senator. I have contacted Mr. Wyden's office numerous times with questions and concerns about Oregon and national problems and usually get a non-reply, or if a reply at all, a generic form letter. Sen. Wyden bills himself as a "regular guy," however, according to "The Hill" publication, he is one of Capital Hill's 50 richest politicians and is the poster boy of politics as we know it.

Remember November and vote Wyden out, to live comfortably with his millions and free health care and many other perks that he will be entitled to. I think he has cost the taxpayers enough already. — Nancy Brousseau, Central Point

It's not you that the Republican Party wants to help. Unless, of course, you are very rich.

But it is you, if you believe, that Nevada's Sharron Angle does want to "Barter chickens for health care" or believes that unemployment doesn't benefit anyone. And doesn't want to debate. I wonder why? To her, dismantling it completely is non-negotiable.

Kentucky's Rand Paul: Abolish the entire Department of Education. Says no to extended unemployment benefits.

Former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson sent an arrogant, sexist letter to the Older Women's League, calling Social Security "a milk cow with 310 million (teats)." Tea party's Joe Miller of Alaska has declared Social Security unconstitutional. No dignity for old age there.

Wake up, America, you're being bought again. The Republican Party wants to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, medicate, and let you eat cake. Is the Republican Party coin-operated? "You bet-ya." Wink. — Michael A. Long, Trail

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