About the Eagle Point School Board story: The board chair and superintendent ordered me not to talk to union members, especially union leaders, and tried to keep me and Mark Bateman from visiting schools.

Requests for information from the superintendent have been denied repeatedly and I have had to do private citizen requests. District Attorney input was needed once.

When requesting voice recordings of two meetings, only the first half of each meeting, which I didn't need, was provided.

When encouraged to follow board policy, the administration has chosen to change some board policies to fit its needs.

When discussing motions in meetings, there is often no record of what I said. When trying to correct minutes, it is voted down 3-2.

Having taught in the district, I believe some of the OAR 581-022 standards were not being met. The board chair admitted it. Three attempts at board solutions were denied. The administrators that made the report to ODE were the same ones investigating and approving their own work.

This is about the board chair and superintendent wanting total power and control without checks and balances. The same chair was asked to resign several years ago for providing checks and balances. — Jim Mannenbach, Eagle Point

Your Jacksonville recall "jeer" (Sept. 16) is a sorry excuse for analysis. Where in election law is it stated that recalls are to get rid of only criminals and miscreants? The recall is the only real discipline (short of outright rebellion) against bad government. C'mon MT — quit drinking the establishment, statist "Kool-Aid." I propose a toast for Hubert Smith ... that his actions "catch on" around here. — Bill Meyer, Jacksonville

Only 50 or so days till we vote. I'm already nauseous from the twisting and spinning going on among the candidates.

Here's my simple thought about who I'll vote for. My mother died over five years ago; she nurtured and encouraged me and I loved her; I don't need another mother. My father died almost 10 years ago; he provided for us, kept our family moving forward, gave us hope for our future and I loved him; I don't need another father. I want government to act more like a pulling guard, clearing the way for me to run the race of my life.

My vote in November will go to candidates who commit to work to reduce the size of government, reign in out-of-control spending and who do not see their service as a "career!" For governor of Oregon, that's Dudley. — Jay Gonsalves, Gold Hill

There was a pedestrian sting outside my house this morning and, while it's a great idea, they don't do it right. Never mind that they advertise it the day before so people don't drive the way they do on an average day; what really bugs me is that the "decoy" pedestrian walks out into traffic when cars are still way down the street.

Mothers with little kids don't teach their children to walk out into traffic, they teach them to wait in the crosswalk until the car stops. On an average day, most cars don't stop, and that includes police cars. I see it happen every day. If the cops don't pay attention to pedestrian traffic rules, why would they expect anyone else to? — Noni McCrillis, Talent

By now, most of us realize President Obama does not care for the American people. He lifts his head and looks down his nose now at the ones who put him in office. The will of the people means nothing to him.

Then we have Michelle ("Let them eat cake") Obama. She is of the same mindset. Consider the lavish trip to Spain. The people waiting in line for food stamps must have applauded that one.

What hurts the most is when our president visits other leaders. The horrible dictators who daily torture and kill their own people. Obama wants them to know we are like them. In doing this, he thinks they will truly grow to love us. They must think him a weak fool.

Every night, especially think of the last words of the Lord's Prayer, "Deliver us from evil." It is for sure the Obama administration won't. — Marilyn Hermant, Medford

As a Southern Oregon resident deeply concerned with health care, I have been impressed with State Sen. Alan Bates's tireless work to ensure that all Oregonians have decent medical coverage.

Seeing people suffer because they can't get treatment has convinced me that we need to look at fresh strategies for funding and providing care. Beyond alleviating human suffering, better coverage will benefit us all, since uninsured patients drive up the costs to those who are provided with or able to pay for health care.

Dr. Alan Bates' work in the Legislature has begun to re-shape our state's health care vision. His re-election will allow him to further these efforts toward a system that works for all of us. Please join me in voting for state Sen. Alan Bates. — William Coyne, Medford

My heart goes out to the lamb killed by the cougar on Friday morning. That is a horrible way to die (almost as bad as being killed for meat). I find it absurd to read a comment by a state wildlife biologist that there are "bad cougars and good cougars," according to your article in today's Tidings and Tribune.

Cougars kill when they are hungry. They are hungry because we have encroached on their territory and their food source (and water) is scarce. The article also states that relocation of offending cougars and bears is not allowed by state law.

Well, I think if that's the case, it is high time we change that law! This cougar does not deserve to be hunted and killed for something we have caused with our greed and encroachment. Hopefully, Mr. Lewis can find ways to protect his animals so these attacks do not occur in the future. — Barbara Keen, Ashland

On Sept. 15, I heard the Oregon Health Policy Board update citizens about progress being made to reform our health care system. The evening was devoted to hearing from Jackson County residents with questions and ideas about the health insurance exchange being designed for Oregonians to use.

Sen. Alan Bates was applauded as the originator (with the late Ben Westlund) of this six-year grass-roots reform effort. Bill Thorndike was also on hand as a key player in the design of the process by which we're building a more efficient, affordable, and accessible health care system.

Some are now suggesting it's time to replace Dr. Bates as our senator from District 3. I urge everyone to think twice about that! No one knows more about this major legislative initiative than Sen. Bates. He is one of the most creative and conscientious legislators the Rogue Valley has ever sent to Salem. — Nan Trout, Ashland

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