Bonnie Foster writes, "Personally, (Chris Dudley's) pro-life. However, it isn't government's place to interfere in a woman's personal decision." How spineless. Dudley wants to have it both ways. For a novice politician, he's got talking out of both faces down.

Imagine if Bonnie Foster, circa 1860, had written, "Personally, Dudley's abolitionist. However it isn't government's place to interfere in a white man's personal decision." How about, "Personally, Dudley's against child abuse. However, it isn't government's place to interfere in a parent's personal decision."

Foster should ask why Dudley opposes abortion personally. The only good reason to oppose abortion is because it's the unjust intentional killing of an innocent human being. It's exactly "the government's place to interfere" with premeditated unjustified homicide.

Abortion's homicidal nature is also why abortion isn't "a woman's personal decision." Abortion is personal, but only for the victim who gets her person ripped up by an abortionist. — Drew Hymer, Medford

Regarding the letter from Dave Dotterrer's treasurer stating that no contributions from defense contractors had been received by that campaign, I would submit the following from the Secretary of State Contributions and Expenditures listing under Dave Dotterrer's campaign:

Name: Michael Newall

Address: 3921 Fledgling Drive, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89084

Occupation: Defense Contractor

Employer L-3 Communications, North Las Vegas. — Greg Skoog, Ashland

editor's note: Michael Newall donated $200 to Dotterrer's campaign.

In a letter published on Sept. 7, Don Morris of Ashland asserts that "defense contractors are among the principal contributors to Dotterrer's campaign." As a former Army officer, he should stick to verifiable facts. He, and we, can go to the Oregon Secretary of State's website and take a look at all the contributions to Dave Dotterrer's state Senate campaign. Hard to find evidence that defense contractors are "principal contributors." Shame on Don! I'm voting for Dave. — retired Cdr John F. Howard, USN, Medford

Thanks to the Internet, my rural Jackson County business happens to be thriving even though, over the past 16 years, tourism (and our local economy in general) has received no meaningful support from our county's elected officials. In fact, I do not remember ever hearing a county commissioner say that economic development might be a good idea.

Now we have a candidate, Jeff Golden, whose Local Jobs Agenda (www.goldenforjacksoncounty.org) will benefit all my neighbors. Better yet, Jeff suggests that the county can use leadership rather than public investments to create living-wage jobs.

Of course money will help: County government can benefit us by buying goods and services locally. But, more importantly, the county can use its influence to obtain outside funding for projects like rural broadband Internet service, which Clackamas County commissioners have just done. Jeff Golden will help pull us out of the economic cellar. He has my vote. — Diarmuid McGuire, the Greensprings, Ashland

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