Conservatives should be ashamed. How has the Right become so calloused as to not appreciate the deep caring extended by the Left?

Liberals, including even the president, well known for their expressed caring, especially for anyone who will vote for them, have been going out of their way to let conservatives know how dangerous it is for anyone to listen to certain radio commentators, or to be involved with the tea party movement. They have gone above and beyond to protect us from ourselves, and those scoundrels who are only in it for filthy lucre.

We, unquestionably mentally challenged by comparison, flounder in the delusion (created by those unscrupulous scoundrels) that there is widespread, genuine disapproval of the way our government is doing things. Were it not for those liars who've stirred things up, we would recognize that the Left, with its impeccable integrity and caring, even for those who oppose them, has only our best interest in mind.

How can we doubt their sincerity when they've fixed the economy for only $14 trillion? They've even given us health care for all, caring enough to override us obviously ignorant ordinary people who can't possibly know what's best for ourselves. What ingratitude. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

Ron Wyden's voting record from January 2009 to July 2010. (Items in parentheses represent the Senate roll call number.)

No to stop taxpayer funding of abortion (#19).

No to Recognize Human Life (#26).

No to ensure Private Health Care for Children (#24).

No to prohibit taxpayer dollars to Acorn (#56).

Yes on the Stimulus Bill which will cost over $1 trillion (#64).

Yes to $3.55 trillion dollar budget (#154).

No to protect Pro-life Conscience Clause Protections (#152).

No to a Ban on Comparative Effectiveness also called "death panels" (#127).

Yes in support of Socialized Medicine (#353).

Yes for taxpayer-funded abortion dollars in Obamacare (#369).

No, he did not support the Arizona immigration law (#215).

I'm voting for Jim Huffman, I want someone who will listen to the people and have a value system to lead him. — Linda Augustin, Medford

How disappointing to discover, when reviewing a brochure delivered to my mailbox on Friday, that the moral bar for the 2010 political campaign has been set so disgustingly low!

The attack mailer by Lynn Howe, candidate for incumbent Sal Esquivel's seat in the state Legislature, is unbelievable given Sal's proven record as a perennial champion for governmental accountability and fiscal restraint. One can only hope that an enlightened electorate will recognize this style of campaigning for what it is: a desperate attempt to grovel for votes in the gutter of defamation. — Bill Leever, Medford

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