Okay. You do realize that we just went to war to help the Iraqi people, right? The whole thing was called "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

What religion do you think the people were who we sent 4,400 of our servicemen and women to die to protect? If all Muslims are complicit in 9/11 simply because of their faith, how come we sacrificed so much for people whose religion resulted in an attack on us?

Truth is, these Muslims did not attack us. This Imam worked with the FBI under the Bush administration on counterterrorism. This is another foul ball tossed up by the nutcase right to incite anger and distract from real issues.

If conservatives really are "the representatives of the Constitution," why don't they ever stand up when the going gets tough? They dropped the ball in Arizona, requiring Americans to show papers on demand to the government or go to jail. And Prop 8 is now under serious scrutiny.

Don't give me that "American sensibilities" thing as an excuse to override the First Amendment. The Founders did not work that into the equation. Either you believe in the Constitution or you don't. There is no gray area. — Thomas Beatty, Central Point

Based on your editorial cartoon in the MT on Aug. 22, it is no wonder some folks refer to your paper as a liberal rag.

The cartoon depicted a person hypnotizing a couple and saying they were "stupid, dumb-ass voters" who love Republicans and will welcome them back. The implied message appears to be that Republican politicians need to hypnotize folks to get their vote.

I am a conservative who does not require hypnosis to decide who I am going to vote for. Furthermore, I do not believe I am a racist bigot because I believe folks should obey our immigration laws when coming into our country. Or because I do not agree with the socialist policies of the politicians in power.

What has happened to courtesy in this country? It seems many folks have adopted the philosophy that if someone disagrees with them, that person is a stupid, racist bigot. How sad. — Jim Chambers, Medford

The White City Branch Library wants to thank the merchants and individuals for their generous donations and time, helping make the Summer Reading Program at the library a success for the children and teens of the White City community.

Contributing to the Summer Reading Program were HQ Books, White City Improvement Association, Friends of the White City Branch Library, Murphy Veneer, South Valley Bank, Cascade Pool, Abby's Pizza, Dairy Queen, Kukaz Kutz, LaReyna Bakery, Fabians Karate, 7-Eleven, Blue Missions Senior Care, Costco and Brandie Mendoza.

Contributors helped children retain their reading skills by providing fun incentive prizes. Participants read 8,945 books and teens wrote 759 essays on DVDs they had watched, music CDs they had listened to and books they had read.

To all contributors, a big "thank you!" — JoAnn Crosby, White City Branch manager

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