I am appalled that there is any consideration being given, currently, to abandoning the Hawthorne Park pool and building some type of complex water park in its stead where the skateboarding arena and dog park now are located.

Apart from the funding folly that would entail, locating a pool extravaganza away from the denser population area of the city, in a rather isolated location near heavily trafficked streets seems ill-advised.

I assume that, before more concrete steps are taken, there will be open discussion about this seemingly improvident and poorly conceived plan. — Roberta S. Greene, Medford

It's all coming full circle now for the residents of Ashland. They have adopted their new vision statement this year and have stated "all people having their basic needs met." However, their community is now trying to oust three people who are registered sex offenders trying to recover and be productive members of society.

Ashland residents now want them out? These ideas don't seem to meet their vision statement they have put in place. These three individuals need their basic needs met as well, and Mr. Haag has given them a place to live and rebuild their lives. I do not agree with the previous actions of the three individuals in question, but still this situation seems a little ironic. — Cameron Noble, Medford

With so many businesses shutting down on our Main streets here in Southern Oregon, is there anything we can do about it?

We can always shop local but even more powerful is to bank local. Credit unions and locally owned banks keep our money local and build the economy.

Here is what Wall Street will do with $100 of your hard-earned cash:

1. Make a loan of $1,000.

2. Instantly, they securitize that loan into bonds and probably sell them for at least $3,600. I support free enterprise and capitalism but that seems like undue enrichment. Our research shows that less than 11 percent of the trades on Wall Street ever benefit commerce or Main Street.

3. So where does it all go? They buy credit default swaps (bets) that the borrower will not pay. They could turn that $100 deposit into up to $100,000 worth of swaps. Some is used to make the payments that they know the borrower can't make until they can charge it off, then collect on those swaps. Isn't that the definition of a ponzi? Get a pal and do it together now! Move your money! — Nancie Koerber, Central Point

Though the teenagers who ran away did not commit a crime, they certainly did cause law enforcement personnel to expend a great deal of effort and expense trying to find them. Perhaps their parents — maybe the young people themselves — have already come up with consequences that might help pay for the efforts put in to locating them.

If not, a suggestion would be volunteering in the community. There are always agencies and programs needing help. — Mary Ann Johnson, Central Point

I have to say that I do get rather frustrated with the liberal left slant that most of this newspaper dwells upon.

It is the writings of Sanne Specht and Paul Fattig that do cause me to continue subscribing to the newspaper each week. I do look forward to their delightful, heartwarming, feel-good stories that they bring forward each week.

A great big "good job" to Sanne and Paul — keep up the good writing. And to Paul, we are so sorry for the loss of your (who sounded like a) very dear sweet mom. — Phyllis Cardinal, Central Point

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