It is surely not news that global climate catastrophe will generate mass population movements as land dries out, glaciers melt way, crops die off and people begin to starve. Quest for survival, not jobs, will drive the flood of people.

The question is, what will we in the fat North do when fellow human beings show up at our doorstep? It is our ruinous economic system and our selfish trade policy that drives this disaster. — Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland

Regarding the Mail Tribune's July 14 opinion that the recent river navigability decision be overturned:

First and foremost is the basic American right to ownership of private property. Jackson County was given the authority to issue and record property deeds. Now, some 150 years later, according to the Oregon Department of State Lands, they never had the right to issue such deeds because the property has always belonged to the state. Perhaps this is why in a previous hearing Judge Grensky was quoted as saying "this is weird."

DSL uses the term "could" in their argument that commerce occurred on the Rogue in 1859. This is just a convenient way to circumvent the need to provide real proof.

Would state officials mind if someone walked up to their door and said, "We are having a picnic in your backyard if you like it or not?"

It is time for DSL to recognize the rule of law and back away from this ridiculous and costly endeavor. — John Burgess, Shady Cove

The Independent Party of Oregon would like to remind its 55,000 members that July 30 is the last day to vote in the party's on-line primary election, which features 86 candidates running for 60 public offices. The election closes at 5 p.m. that day, with results announced immediately.

It takes only two minutes to vote at indparty.com/vote. No one votes on more than four offices (governor, U.S. representative, state senator, and state representative).

If you are a member of the Independent Party and have misplaced your postcard containing your unique passcode, go to indparty.com/vote and click on the big link to retrieve it. Voters can direct questions to info@indparty.com or fax them toll-free to 866-795-9415.

As stated in a Eugene Register-Guard editorial on July 11, "No minor party in Oregon has ever conducted a primary election before. No party of any description in Oregon, major or minor, has conducted an election via the Internet. No Oregon party has ever conducted a primary election at its own expense. The Independent Party of Oregon is currently doing all three. The experiment could change both elections and politics in the state and beyond." — Linda Williams, chair, Independent Party of Oregon

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