Quoted from YES for OREGON campaign: "Oregon voters tonight passed two critical tax fairness measures, Measures 66 and 67.

" 'Tonight's victory is one for all Oregonians — especially students and middle class families,' said Otto Schell, of the Oregon PTA. Strong schools and preserving public services are critical to our children's future and key to our economic recovery. Today, Oregon voters have laid the foundation for a strong future.

" 'This was a victory for working people, responsible businesses and community organizations who wanted to protect our schools and vital services, and for all those who put our common future above narrow self-interest,' said Kevin Looper, director of the Yes for Oregon campaign. Passage of Measures 66 and 67 protects critical funding for schools, health care, and public safety."

What is really happening:

Central Point School Board makes major 2010-11 cuts. And 9 percent cuts statewide.

Central Point will eliminate its elementary music program, middle-school athletics and 17 jobs in the coming school year to offset a $1.8 million loss in state funding.

When are we taxpayers going to learn? They never deliver on what they promise. Fiscal responsibility is the answer, not higher taxes and intimidation of taxpayers. — Niquita Wilkinson, Eagle Point

Come November, we need to make sure our vote is for real hope and change — enough of these lies, power plays, socialistic agenda and going against the will of the people.

It's hard to tell who you can trust in our government — people get elected and become someone you no longer recognize. Our nation is in dire straits and this could be our last chance to save it from total destruction.

This business of printing massive amounts of money, backed by nothing, is pure madness and has to stop! Now our government is doing the unthinkable — selling our bonds and toxic debt to foreign nations.

What has happened to us? Have we lost our mind? Mr. Obama likes to quote the Bible when it's to his benefit but he forgets that "Thou shall not lie" is in the Good Book also. He may wonder why his ratings are so low. The people want to be able to trust their president and other officials. Can we trust anyone in Washington these days? Tell them what you think in November. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

It certainly is disappointing that the Tribune couldn't see fit to provide some advance notice of the 21st Annual Prospect Search and Rescue Fly-In and the dedication ceremony of the airport name-change held on Saturday, July 17.

The Oregon Department of Aviation saw fit to agree with me that the Prospect Airport should be named in honor of Eugene F. Burrill in recognition of all he did for the Southern Oregon region and the town of Prospect, including building the airport in 1964. Many of his former employees at Burrill Lumber would undoubtedly have enjoyed attending the ceremony. And the benefit fly-in for the Prospect Unit of Jackson County Search and Rescue would have received added attendance, too. Their Saturday barbecue is always outstanding. I realize that newsprint has become increasingly valuable, though, and it's hard to compete with guitar picks and racing pigs. — Guy Parker, Prospect

Let me get this straight:A few years ago plastic grocery bags were forced upon us to the point of having to purposefully ask for paper. This was done to preserve the forests, as paper bags led to deforestation.

Now "the powers to be" (i.e. Jason Atkinson, et. al.) have decided that plastic is environmentally deadly and we must go back to paper. Plus, according to Mr. Atkinson, going back to paper will increase the need for more lumber harvesting and therefore jobs.

I understand that the plan may be to force people to purchase cloth bags or pay extra for the paper bags. Who will pay for the cloth bags for the poor and those on food stamps? The government, with another special handout, or the rest of us through another tax? If they're given a pass, isn't that discrimination? As an aside, I have always preferred paper as being sturdier but try to recycle any plastic bags I may accumulate. — P. Moran, Medford

An Associated Press article in the July 2 issue of the MT gives rise to thoughts of blatant hypocrisy.

The father of an ex-Miss Oregon lied about his service in the Bosnian Army (during their civil war) when he applied for asylum in the U.S. Now, because of that lie, an assistant U.S. attorney is going to initiate deportation proceedings against him.

It amazes me that the government is so concerned about this man who served in the Bosnian Army but failed to disclose it, and yet has no compunction about allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans/others to remain in this country without even a hint of their ever having applied for any legal entry, but rather by having illegally climbed the fence. Now our president is hell-bent on coming up with a way to give these "criminals" some form of amnesty (so they can vote for him in 2012), but they are going to deport one 53-year-old Bosnian for a lie about his serving in their army during their civil war. And what hypocrisy to then tell Arizona that it can't protect its borders legally, with laws duplicating the federal (unenforced) laws. — Murray LaHue, Phoenix

Our nation is surely in dire distress.

The so-called stimulus plan didn't work. There's concern over a double-dip recession. The unemployment rate continues to be unacceptable. Washington is doing what it wants, not what the people want. The federal deficit topped $1 trillion for the past nine months.

Washington dismisses clear trespasses by a favored ethnic group. Washington attacks Arizona, but ignores illegal sanctuary cities.

The federal government took control of GM and Chrysler. Obama wants undeserved credit for managing the oil spill. Obama blames Bush; he doesn't accept responsibility. Obama has lied to the American people. Key officials don't even read the bills, and so much more.

According to the U.S. Flag Code, "The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property." I respectfully suggest that all scared, frustrated, or angry residents of our community display the nation's flag in a window at home or in their yard in an inverted fashion with the blue field down, because our nation is surely in dire distress. — John Emanuelson, Medford

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