The 106-year-old dam has outlived its original purpose. It is no longer used to divert irrigation water or generate electricity. It should be removed.

The handful of people fighting its removal obviously have selfish reasons for their actions. Do they not realize the cost to county taxpayers who will have to pay for renovations and maintenance if it stays?

Also, do they not realize how many dollars the county is paying in legal fees to fight this in court? All the fees that the county is having to pay out should and must be paid back to the taxpayers by the people fighting against the dam removal. I don't think the taxpayers should have to pay for their selfishness.

It is common sense to use the federal dollars that are available now, and will be lost soon, to remove the dam rather than expect us taxpayers to have to pay for the later removal. It is necessary to remove the dam and it should be done now, not later. — Carol Dewey, Medford

In response to Jerry Hall, whose letter appeared Thursday, July 22:

Let me get this straight. He's bashing President Obama because he didn't chopper out to Dover AFB, fire up Air Force One and jet down to New Orleans on account of the BP disaster? Well, that sounds like something G.W. Bush would have done, all for show and hang the cost.

Bush would go and pat some inept administrator on the back and say "Good job, Brownie" without knowing whether he'd actually done a good job or not. President Obama instead sent his experts down to evaluate the situation and make recommendations for action. He's more "go" than "show." He can be a leader without spending millions on a 747 ride involving several helicopters, the Secret Service, limousines and other expenses.

By way of recommendation, Mr. Hall should read the letter that preceded his on Thursday. There's the difference between his man and mine. If he doesn't respect mine, that's no reflection on Obama. — Guy Parker, Prospect

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