1. Millions of people out of jobs, homeless or in prison, all money-related crimes, with begging on the streets across America.

2. The highest prison population of all advanced nations.

3. Daily reports of corruption in both public services and private industry, city, state and national. Mostly money-based crimes, it's immoral and appalling.

4. The present system is truly unfair, unjust, immoral and a disgrace to the intelligence of the American people.

More than 80 years ago a group of famous scientists, engineers and educators undertook a 12-year study of the North American social and economic system. In those 12 years of study, they put together a scientific plan that would replace the existing private capitalist system that has failed time and again since the Industrial Revolution.

Only 5 percent of the population own and control, with the power of their money, all politicians, courts and news agencies, and distortion and lies keep the public misinformed and uninformed.

For the real truth, check out: wwwtechnocracyinc.org headquartered in Ferndale, Wash. — Edmond Vongehr, Medford

About Oregon Healthy Living, July 13, "Red meat's out; plants are in," 677 pages of government nutritional advice? Let us simplify.

These are healthful:

1. Peaceful family meals, pleasant conversation, without a thought of calories, percentages, indexes, BMI, LDL or food pyramid schemes.

2. Sources of minerals that are sadly lacking in commercial food and water.

3. Natural meat, vegetables and fruit, in that order.

4. Good fats. Much needed super-unsaturated fat (fish oil) is mostly lacking in commercial food. We also need saturated fat. Coconut oil and butter are good choices, along with meat fat and eggs. Bad research about meat, fats and cholesterol is still much used, with resulting myths and stress. Relax and enjoy.

These are unhealthful:

1. Stress; especially hurried, stressful eating.

2. Sugar and excess carbs. Sweet drinks.

3. Unnatural fats, whether hydrogenated, interesterified or overheated.

("Trans" does not define the problem; "unnatural" does.)

4. Unnatural foods of any kind. Processed meats, most vegetable oils, diet drinks, charred food of any kind. (Barbecue gives healthful red meat bad statistics.)

Almost all boxed and bagged commercial foods are unnatural.

Too much nutritional advice adds stress. — Ira Edwards, Medford

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