I have owned and worked with horses with care and compassion for over 45 years and it comes as no surprise to hear of horses killed at Grants Pass Downs.

Yes, horses are fragile. Yes, they do love to run, but could we use some judgment and not purposely put these creatures in imminent danger? Isn't it time, in 2010, to evolve past this ridiculous form of abuse for the entertainment of people betting on which horse gets whipped to the finish line first?

Oh, wait, I forgot, money trumps animal welfare. — Lorraine Rawls, Talent

I wonder if Kentucky GOP senatorial candidate Rand Paul has thought through the consequences of his belief that business owners should be allowed to discriminate on the basis of race.

Does he realize that if white businesses can refuse to sell to blacks, browns and orientals, they can return the favor and refuse to sell to whites?

Imagine taking a car trip and having to plan it such that you only travel through enclaves where the skin color is the same as yours. Imagine you're low on gas, and the only service station you can find has a sign reading "no whites!" Imagine the grocery store and the motel have similar signs.

Imagine that there's a sign across the main street of this community reading, "White Boy, don't let the sun going down catch your honky tail in this town!"

Imagine. — Craig Callaway, Eagle Point

Brad Lee's tirade of an early Obama presidential failure (June 22) is a bit premature.

A quick check of Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact.com reveals Obama has fulfilled 116 of his promises so far. Perhaps two unfunded wars and six years of runaway spending by a Republican Congress might have something to do with overall national debt.

Acquiring political "facts" from the right-wing noise machine seldom offers a fair and balanced picture of reality. — James Williams, Medford

What a great letter by Brad Lee concerning the worst president this country has ever seen. My compliments to Mr. Lee. — Richard Cody, Applegate

Regarding Mr. Calhoun's "inclusive" letter inviting "everyone" to a tea party where people who are tea party sympathizers will be allowed to speak (MT 6/20):

What jackboot decides who is sympathetic? What if someone strays from the approved dogma?

Mr. Calhoun hopes the signs will be respectful? What if some armed tea partier brings his Obama=Nazi sign? This party "seems a little surly with its fringe on the top" (sung to "Little Surrey" from "Oklahoma"). — Damon Neal, Ashland

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