I was fortunate enough to attend the graduation ceremony for the 2010 seniors at South Medford High School.

Those involved are to be congratulated on doing such a phenomenal job. All who participated in bringing this wonderful event to its conclusion, need to pat themselves on the back.

The commencement speaker, Brian Underwood, an alumnus from the class of 1991, was an exceptional choice. It is my deepest wish that his words will resonate with the 2010 seniors in their hearts, minds and souls for decades to come, and all others who were blessed to be there. His words were most inspiring.

Without a doubt, every last one of the graduating seniors was a marvel. I was so grateful to see our young people so thoughtful of others as I continued to witness this throughout the evening.

Thank you to all who participated in making this such a memorable event. — Alene Smalley, a proud grandmother of a 2010 senior class graduating student

Michael Steely need only look in the mirror to know who to blame for the oil leak in the Gulf. Because of Mr. Steely and his environmental cohorts, wells need to be drilled farther off the coast and at much greater depths, which makes them less accessible when something goes wrong.

Steely and his "no-drilling" cohorts reveal their hypocritical side when they drive their cars (even if that car is a Prius, which uses plenty of gas and takes a lot of petroleum to produce). Many of the everyday products Mr. Steely enjoys and depends upon are made from petroleum, and many of those products have to come from great distances, so Mr. Steely can use them.

Needless to say, those products don't come to the Rogue Valley by wagon train or solar-powered vehicles — they have to be transported in conventional vehicles that run on petroleum.

Mr. Steely should consider the following thought. He understands that there is a problem, but until he recognizes himself as an important part of the problem, he will not be part of the solution. — Maureen Stewart, Medford

I commend both R. MacQueen and Murray LaHue for their recent letters commemorating the June 6, 1944 Allied Normandy invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. Like the defeat of Japan, this must be remembered.

Concurrent with the Normandy invasion, also in 1944, was the forced deportation and mass murder of Hungarian Jews via the Holocaust.

Prior to and during World War II (1939-1945) the little known Arrow Cross in Hungary and its counterpart in Romania (the Iron Guard) were murderous, anti-Semitic, fascist auxiliary regimes. These evil and godless pro-Nazi collaborators emulated Nazi Germany's dreaded SS and Gestapo. Hungary deported (shipped by railroad) over 438,000 Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz, Poland, for total extermination!

Had Hungarian Jews owned firearms and used them defensively, much of Hitler's "Final Solution" in Hungary could have been forestalled. The Nazis and German Army (Wehrmacht) were losing militarily by summer 1944, thus practically unable to spare additional troops to quell armed resistance.

Under Soviet occupation after 1945, the brutal Communist regime reimposed gun control/civilian disarmament in Hungary. Source: The Firearms Sentinel Fall/Winter 1995 via www.jpfo.org. The title of article is "The Nazi Holocaust and Communist Regime in Hungary." — James A. Farmer, Ashland

A recent Mail Tribune story chronicled a staff member and two students burying a time capsule to commemorate the closing of South Medford High School.

The lady assistant principal appears in tennis shoes and jeans. One student appears in short-shorts. The other student sports knee-ripped jeans and substantial cleavage.

Whither education in 549C? — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

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