You guys finally woke up and smelled the coffee that quite a few of us sensible and fiscally responsible types have been awake and extolling for quite some time now: The state's business-as-usual approach to budgeting is simply not sustainable.

We have a well-qualified candidate here in State Senate District 3 — Dave Dotterrer — who is running on just this platform. He has the working knowledge and background to know how to manage money and balance budgets. He has integrity and is down-to-earth in the ideas he is promoting.

Haven't heard of Dave yet? Read more about him at www.davedotterrer.com or access on Facebook at "Dave Dotterrer State-Senate" or simply Google "Dave Dotterrer." Or, ask your local news media types to do a feature story about him. — Janet Eck, Ashland

If ever we needed a strong president with courage to stand up the corporate jackals it is now.

President Obama, please fire BP, put out an international call for experts to stop this leak, then after it is stopped, make clean energy a No. 1 priority. It will create jobs, give people hope and start a movement that could just turn the tide of humanity's reckless behavior into something remarkable. I shook your hand once, I believed in you, in something remarkable. Please, have courage, stand tall and we will stand tall with you. — John Hill, Phoenix

It is with bewilderment that I have read the many reports of unrest and protests in regards to the "strict" enforcement of the constituted laws of the state of Arizona.

Are not all the laws, national and state, within our nation "strictly" enforced? May I or any group have a law we do not agree with abrogated by holding a protest meeting or a march?

We need to remember the law is the law. And enforcement is expected to be "strict," otherwise what is the sense in having a law? In "protest," may I drive down the freeway in excess of the constituted law of 65 mph without fear of apprehension and "strict" enforcement by the constituted authority of the state of Oregon?

The question has to be asked, why should we be less strict in regard to one particular law, immigration being the one in question and protested? Is it a question of law or politics?

If one law can be abrogated and ignored by the population in general, then we have set a legal precedent that I can use in defense of the breaking of other laws, such as airport security, etc. — William C. Gillaspy, White City

To hopefully help dispel some mischaracterizations: one, that tea party members are not grassroots; and two, that minorities are excluded (how can that be when attendance is open to all"… think about it):

There will be an "open mic" tea party rally on July 3 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Alba Park (across from the downtown post office). Anyone, and that means anyone, who is sympathetic to what the tea party rallies represent, that wishes to speak will be able to speak for up to two minutes. There will be a few guest speakers that will have five minutes to share.

It is hoped that the main focus will be on what we want, including but not limited to retaining our sovereignty as a nation, recognizing the importance of respecting and following the Constitution, having government stay within its constitutionally based boundaries and having our elected officials represent their constituency with honor and dignity. It is also hoped that speakers and any posters, signs, or banners will avoid disrespectful wording, pictures or illustrations.

Questions or comments may be addressed to cncrnd_citizens@yahoo.com (NOTE: _ between cncrnd and citizens).

Please plan to participate, and please pass the word about this important rally. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

From farm to fork to mouth to mind. There's an adage that says one would do better to open their mind before they open their mouth; participating in the mission of FarmToForkEvents.com is certainly an exception. Opening one's mouth to the flavors of fresh, local produce will lead to a mind-opening experience and knowledge that these better food choices not only benefit one's health but also our community and environment.

The inaugural dinner on June 5 was a feast of fresh flavors from local farmers and a local rancher. The attendees were a mix of individuals eager to be a part of something beneficial to the community.

The organizers did an outstanding and commendable job. The food was prepared with an artistry made even more impressive by the fact that they served us from their outdoor kitchen.

I encourage everyone to visit their website, learn their mission and get tickets to an out-of-the-ordinary experience that just feels good on so many levels. Opening your mouth and taking in what our valley provides will open your mind to all of the benefits this mission offers.

Join me in supporting local agriculture that in turn supports our community. — Rachel Owings, Medford

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