Poor Sheriff Winters! The Appeals Court gave him a spanking for his dumb interpretation of the concealed weapons law as it applies to medical marijuana cardholders.

The sheriff, whose job is basically administrative, should stick to those things that he believes constitute good law enforcement.

Things like personally wearing a large-caliber sidearm and giving press releases to hype his image by telling us how many marijuana plants he has pulled. — Ron James, Jacksonville

My wife and I were again privileged to to judge the senior projects at South Medford High School.

As usual, we were both impressed with the topics chosen and the quality of the work that went into completing them. I highly recommend this experience and suggest that if you question the quality of the education our kids are getting in the Medford school system, you should volunteer for this task and perhaps you will find reason to change your mind! — Jim and Gwynn Sullivan, Medford

If you voted for Obama, are you embarrassed yet?

What does it feel like when Olberman, Matthews, Dowd, Krugman, Friedman, Page, Herbert, Evans and other liberal literati turn on your guy? Does it hurt, just a little, when the in-the-tank-for-Obama New York Times and Washington Post use words like "incompetent," "inexperienced," "amateurish" in recent descriptions? When Obama is routinely moved to top place, ahead of Jimmy Carter, even above Woodrow Wilson, as the worst president in modern times, is it time to take off your two-year-old Obama bumper stickers?

Does a Gallup 46 or Rasmussen 42 and dropping, make you wonder how a guy could blow it so quickly? Can you name five, four, three campaign promises Obama has kept? Are you at all concerned about the $19.600 trillion deficit CBO projects? Has that "hope and change" turned into "hoax and chains"?

It's OK to admit your mistake. You can now join the 100-plus million of us who always knew the real Obama. You can now go about, head held high, and help restore the dignity of the office, the uniqueness that was once America and the security and prosperity of this great nation. In that there is no shame. — Brad Lee, Ashland

Why is our nation in such a mess financially? To answer this question, we need to go back to l935 when President Roosevelt took us off the gold standard.

Before this, the Federal Reserve was only allowed to print as much money as we had gold. Now, on a directive from the president, everyone had to turn in any gold they owned and we as a people weren't allowed to buy or own gold. Some old and rare coins were the only exceptions.

Foreign nations were allowed to redeem gold for dollars. In l971 France demanded that we exchange what amounted to be over a ton of our gold. President Nixon closed the gold exchange window shortly after that transaction. This opened the door for the Federal Reserve to print as much money as the Congress wanted, and they wanted a lot.

This was the beginning of fiat (worthless) money and the rest is history. Don't be surprised when the dollar dies. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

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