I am favorably impressed by the breadth and depth of the Mail Tribune's opinion page. The selection of "Other Views" editorials and the variety of viewpoints expressed by the columnists and cartoons you print display a real effort to educate me and assist me in understanding and respecting "opinions" that I don't share. Thank you. — Joe Neil, Jacksonville

I am sure that I, as well as other taxpayers and voters of Medford, expect the city to solicit opinion (public meetings) and a public vote regarding the proposed water park. As for the proposed location — what about traffic and parking? The new I-5 off-ramp will make that intersection very busy.

Thirty-four hundred responses on the Facebook page ... 77,000 was the most recent number I could find for Medford's population, that's like 2.2 percent, hardly a rousing approval. Using tax dollars to pay for construction! Holy cow. What are they thinking? The city can hardly pay to repair the streets. We need sidewalks poured and alleys paved, more traffic signals and our crosswalks painted! So now we're going to build a water park instead? All one need do is drive to downtown Medford to see several failed and unfinished projects.

All the due diligence seems to come from the proposed builders. Is that really the best source?

The proposed water park will be about as successful as our invasion of Iraq. I hope common sense prevails. — V. Handel, Medford

What is the furor about politicians misleading the public about their military service? The various partners to this, the media, are past masters of covering up for them. Which is worse, the politician who lies, the press that covers up those lies or the people who believe those lies?

The media is at fault for this, for they do not investigate, particularly if the liar is a Democrat. The press will extoll his vices as virtues and just the opposite if the liar is a Republican. — James A. Robinson, Grants Pass

I agree with the letter you printed from someone involved in Oregon Action who said we need the program Portland has for weatherizing people's homes and creating living-wage green jobs here in Jackson County.

One of the most interesting things about the program in Portland is that it costs residents nothing or next to nothing.

For a certain period of time, the utility company keeps collecting at the same rate even though the homeowner's energy use has gone down. The difference goes to pay off the cost of weatherization. So you don't see anything different in your bill until the weatherization is paid for and then your bill is lower than it would have been for good.

Government money is needed to get the program up and running, but after that it pays for itself, creates jobs and reduces our dependence on oil. When will this program come to Jackson County? — Vincent Shelton, Phoenix

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