A recent article about the foreclosure of Julian Square raised the question of the impact the foreclosure would have on the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community. The impact on Mountain Meadows Retirement Community is zero!

The article confused the situation by ignoring the difference between Mountain Meadows LLC and the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community. Mountain Meadows Retirement Community is resident-owned and operated by a resident-elected board of directors as the Mountain Meadows Owners Association. Mountain Meadows LLC developed the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community and, except for one condominium unit, has no property interest whatsoever in the other 225 units in the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community. Mr. Dorsey's intent to protect his interests by foreclosing on Larry Medinger's assets is limited to Mr. Medinger's interest in Mountain Meadows LLC.

Other than a sense of personal sadness that the recession has contributed to Larry Medinger's problems, the residents of Mountain Meadows have absolutely no connection to the foreclosure issues. Madeline Hill, the founder of the Mountain Meadows Retirement Community, wisely insulated our residents from any legal problems with the development company. — Lee Bowman, chairman of the MMOA board of directors

The Sunday, May 16 letter to the editor by Dick Jurgens states that the Manor pays no property tax.

Let me set him straight.

Every resident's apartment is reassessed each year. My apartment has been assessed for 2010 at $171.44 each month. We pay property tax like every property owner in Jackson County. — Roxie W. Templin, Medford

Thank you for the generous donation of groceries that was contributed during this year's Postal Carrier's Food Drive — 18,900 pounds of nonperishables were stocked our shelves at the Ashland Emergency Food Bank on May 8.

These provisions will allow us to continue to do our best to make sure that no one is hungry! From the postal carriers to longtime food bank devotees Marty and Mark Dennett and Ann Marie Hutson, to a whole host of community volunteers young and old, thank you for your hard work!

Also, a special thank-you to Giseppi's Pizza and to Recology Sanitary Service. We are able to offer the service we do because of the ongoing support of all of you. Our appreciation also goes out to John and Candace Schweiger, of Coming Attractions Theatres. Their kindness and show of support is essential to what we do every day. Thank you! — Jeff and Kelly Straub, Ashland

Interesting headline and article, "At what price a bypass?" You would also have an interesting article titled, "At what price no bypass." — Gene Hardin, Medford

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