Highway 62 between Poplar Drive and Highway 140 needs to be three lanes each way, needs right-hand turn lanes at key intersections and needs fewer stoplights, not more.

If Highway 62 took on more of an expressway design, it would become more efficient! Don't spend $100 million to $400 million plus to bypass a viable business sector of our community. Spend it to make it better. Overpasses and freeway-style exits could eliminate stoplights on this main throughway.

The state and county officials should travel to San Jose, Calif., and see the expressway. These used to be clogged-up surface streets with stoplights. Not any more. Traffic flows along at 50 mph.

Please look at these options for upgrading Highway 62. While you are at it, how about finishing Highway 140, aka "Winnemucca to the Sea Highway," at least to Interstate 5? — Allen Stewart, Jacksonville

I was sad to read that the City Council of Jacksonville is considering selling the historic Methodist Episcopal Church, I hope it will reconsider.

The church, currently the home of St. Andrew's Anglican, was built in 1854, two years after the founding of the town of Jacksonville, during the days of the gold rush. From then till now it has never been used for any other purpose than that of a church. To have it be sold and used for anything else would certainly be unfortunate. The Methodist Episcopal Church is part of our area's history and, as I understand, is the oldest Protestant church still in use west of the Rockies.

St. Andrew's began leasing the property in 1978 and for the past 32 years has maintained and cared for it. It is truly a piece of living history, used as the original builders intended it to be used. Please allow it to remain that way. — Amy Raper, Medford

I understand the House has passed 270 pieces of legislation and sent them to the Senate for it to act on. Instead, the Senate has tabled all of them — apparently they're just stacked up in the corner somewhere.

How's this for an idea: The Democratic senators select one of the pieces of legislation and call for a vote. When the Republicans threaten filibuster, the Democrats say, "OK — go ahead." This happens on Monday. On Tuesday the same thing happens — and then again on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and on into next week. Pretty soon the Republicans find themselves filibustering a dozen or so pieces of legislation.

Seems to me that they don't have enough people to accomplish all that filibustering 24/7. And, as the filibusters go on, the Democrats can go before the people and point out how the Republicans are blocking important bills that can solve problems. They can point out that the Republicans really don't care about America's problems ... all they want to do is defeat Obama.

Sooner or later something good could happen, but whether it does or not, it would be entertaining to watch the Republicans make fools of themselves over and over and over again. — W. Story, Eagle Point

As a Rogue Valley Manor resident for 15 years, I want to correct Mr. Dick Jurgen's suggestion that we pay no property taxes.

Mine, paid once a year, based on the square feet of my Plaza apartment, was $1,500.51. Other residents pay their share as part of their monthly bill. Total for the entire property was approximately $950,000.

I'm sorry that Mr. Jurgen and a few others have such false information about we "seniors on the hill." We pay our way, contribute to the Medford economy (just ask the car dealers how many cars they sell to RVM people), and donate money, time, talent and labor to many worthwhile community causes. — Robert E. Little, Medford

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