Thank you, Mr. President! Last year, I joined with thousands of volunteers to further the great cause of reforming America's broken health care system. I was moved to get involved when the roofer who nailed on my roof told me he'd lost his own home because of the catastrophic expense of cancer. He was a hard worker. He deserved better than to be zeroed out in middle age.

I soon met the equally hard-working waitress, on her feet serving customers the live-long day with no insurance at all. She'd waited a month in this town before any doctor would examine a breast lump. That's an immoral disgrace.

Such stories are commonplace in a nation hardened to 46 million uninsured. Indeed, such savage inequities guaranteed that none of us ever truly could be secure. Proof came when a respected doctor and veteran I know had lost his sight, and with it, his practice. Incredibly, after a life of service to country, healthy living and frugal planning, he lost his insurance!

At last, at long last, we've faced up to cleaning the Augean stables of insurance industry abuses. "Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream." — Alberto Enriquez, Medford

Our morally bankrupt administration and Democratic leadership, operating with blatant corruption, demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to get health care reform passed. The will of the people be damned. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

What about their oath to "protect and defend the Constitution"?

Maybe there's a good reason why it never passed before.

Those who support the perverted methods being used can no longer say, "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game." If one is in agreement with President Obama, who shows no concern about the blatantly corrupt process, they should beware, because in this country "process" is key. That's what holds our form of justice together. If needed, due process will look mighty good.

FYI: Approximately 440,000 private insurance industry jobs are unfairly threatened.

When government can mandate what we must do, (and it won't stop with health insurance), we are no longer a free people.

Yes, President Obama and the progressives made history. Like Dec. 7, 1941, March 21, 2010, may be "a day that will live in infamy." — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

Democracy isn't about everybody getting along or even everybody being good people.

Democracy is about people who disagree profoundly, people who are fanatic, venal, cruel, power-hungry, finding a way to solve a problem without killing each other. The resolution comes with compromise, disappointment, triumph in equal doses. Skilled leadership helps. But the country goes on without bloodshed or coup.

That's what we've seen happening in this great health care fight. Democracy at work.

It's been, for me, the most enthralling drama I've seen since the Watergate hearings. Maybe, in fact, ever. Here is our process laid bare. What an education. — Priscilla High, Ashland

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