Your adult child is discussing his finances. "My yearly expenses are $83,000, salary is $50,000 and current debt is $40,000." What advice would you give him?

That is a representation of our country's finances. Our national debt is 80 percent of the GDP and 40 percent of the current budget must be borrowed. Medicare will be broke by 2017, Social Security by 2040.

The debt our country is accumulating will have to paid by our children and grandchildren. We are essentially saying, "We want these noble programs — health care, assistance to the poor, environmental stewardship, a strong military, a great education system — but don't raise our taxes or cut any costs." When are we going to at least start to act responsibly? Do we imagine future generations will not have their own children who need educated, environmental concerns, military, needy? And they will have a huge debt load left by generations who wanted everything without the sacrifices.

I do not have the answers to this problem, but it will not be solved by the same elected officials operating in the same manner. Stop the status quo and implement nationwide term limits for members of Congress — before it is too late. — Sharon Keppler, Eagle Point

In an effort to push health care legislation over the finish line, President Obama cut a deal with the Hispanic Caucus in Congress to take on what he calls comprehensive immigration reform.

The reform he talks about is the laughable proposal dreamed up by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Charles Shumer. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the Graham/Shumer proposition that does anything about the problem of "birthright citizenship."

Birthright citizenship is the single element that makes recent migration from countries south of America's border so onerous. A woman slips over the border, has her baby on the American side, the child is then deemed to be a U.S. citizen and the trouble begins.

How often have we seen some self-appointed religious leader blubbering into television cameras about immigration policy "tearing babes from mothers' arms?" The issue that gives the religious the cause to blubber, of course, is birthright citizenship.

Unfortunately, part of the senators' bill includes a guest worker program, so unless birthright citizenship is ended first, nothing will be gained. Children will continue to emerge and the religious will continue to blubber.

Stop this incessant blubbering; put an end to birthright citizenship before going forward with anything else. — Robert Bennett, Grants Pass

The Medford Emblem Club will have a hot dog booth on Pear Blossom Parade day, with a donation can for donations to the Flags for Downtown Medford Patriotic Days.

We have completed Phase 1, with 72 flags which are displayed on Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July (Independence Day), 9/11, Veterans Day and Pearl Harbor Day, and we are looking forward to proceeding on to Phase Two, but we need our communities' help. We will be at 202 N. Central Ave. in front of the Medford Elks Lodge.

Donations can be made in the honor of a loved military person, a loved one or just for patriotic show of feelings and community support.

Look for the American flags. See you there. — Dani Wing, president, Flags for Downtown, Medford

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