As a child of the Depression, I attended a one-room school which, during my eighth grade, had 21 students with at least one in each grade and one teacher. Then on to a small high school from which I graduated in a class of 12. As bad as the economy was, I don't recall any complaints about taxes for schools.

Later, thanks to the GI bill and a tax-subsidized state university, I was able to graduate with an electrical engineering degree.

As a taxpaying citizen (thanks to education) I have always supported education for our young people as older generations did for me.

With the recent trends of college funding, only the wealthy will be able to receive a college education, much like old Europe, which many of our ancestors left for America.

Meanwhile, the U.S. falls farther behind the rest of the world in education. — Harlan Moore, Medford

A paraphrased parody:

Friends, voters and Americans (if you can remember that you are one): We, the rabble (as the present Caesar thinks we are), have come to denounce this current triumvirate of Obama, Reid and Pelosi, not to crown them with laurel leaves. The evil they are doing to us will live in infamy until it is covered by the dust of history. The good they think they do is false and will soon vanish like smoke in the wind.

Congress is ambitious but lacks the integrity of old. Congress has no friends but those of its own station. They are rare birds as they are bound by no rules but those they have created for themselves. They preen each others' feathers while feathering their own nests.

Ave November — James A. Robinson, Grants Pass

The AP in the MT March 12: "Prius panic: Is it overblown?" and "Government may seek greater power to probe car defects." Well, we now have 52 tragic deaths (if they are all legitimate) allegedly because of Toyota autos.

There are about 20,000 confirmed deaths because of drunken driving, no score yet on phoners, texters, etc. Probe car defects? Who is probing these drivers? — Harvey Rupp, Ashland

As the Capitol Hill gang once again threatens to force-feed a health care bill, which 70 percent of Americans do not want, we are told it is right because it is just. Cicero wrote more than 2,100 years ago:

"But if the principles of justice were founded on the decrees of peoples, the edicts of princes, or the decisions of judges, then justice would sanction robbery and adultery and forgery of wills, in case these acts were approved by the votes or decrees of the populace. But if so great a power belongs to the decisions and decrees of fools that the laws of Nature can be changed by their votes, then why do they not ordain that what is bad and baneful shall be considered good and salutary? Or, if a law can make justice injustice, can it not also make good out of bad?" — Bob Simpson, Central Point

Thanks to the dozens of businesses and citizens that came together to support the Walk for Haitian Relief held March 5. Significant contributors were: Toni Cox, Brice Sutliff, Ashland Insurance, the Mail Tribune, KOBI-5, Megan Stewart and her fantastic Phoenix Elementary School fifth-graders, Evan Schweikert and classmates, friends, family, clients and people throughout the Rogue Valley and beyond that sent financial contributions.

We mailed $2,964 to Doctors Without Borders earmarked for medical support of Haiti earthquake survivors. It's amazing what people will do for their fellow humans when asked. Thank you all for your generosity. I'm humbled by your support. — Russ Schweikert, Medford

Wow! Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed, huh?

It seems that Mr. Allen Stewart can't agree with anything that Medford has recently done, or will soon do, particularly regarding the construction of the pedestrian/bicyclist bridge across Barnett Road!

If just one life is saved by that bridge, then it is well worth the cost; additionally, he's griping about projects that are not even scheduled yet, but merely being discussed, and not appreciating any of the recent improvements that have been made.

And, finally, I'm sure Mr. Stewart must visit Medford frequently or he wouldn't be so concerned, but when I don't like something in a town or city I visit, I just don't go there any longer! — Maurice Gilbert, Phoenix

What is the pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Barnett Road worth? Mr. Stewart seems to think $2.3 million is too much money.

The bridge may someday save a life or prevent a serious accident. It may encourage more people to ride bikes or walk, possibly increasing their fitness and decreasing their use of health care dollars. The value of these benefits reaches far beyond the pocketbook.

This project is a good example of progressive, forward-thinking, community-minded actions on Medford's part. — Margaret Rawlings, Medford

Mr. Wil Scarrow of Gold Hill has his facts a little skewed in the direction of his ignorance of W2 deductions. One of the deductions we all pay on our W2 is unemployment insurance. Does Mr. Scarrow have an issue with the general concept of insurance in general or is he just plain unaware? Unemployment pay is not "for free," and is only available to the unemployed who have paid into the kitty.

Another misstatement and distortion of fact for political reasons. The Mail Tribune is an accomplice in perpetuating mis-truths and fanning the flames of ignorance.

Shame on you. — Chris Monte. Jacksonville

What planet does Martha Bennett live on? Unemployment is more than 11 percent here, and she is proposing pay increases for Ashland city employees.

She says she's doing this to keep employees? How incredibly out of touch — if I were paying $68 a month for full family health coverage you couldn't get me out of that job. While everyone else is stretched to the breaking point, she decides now is the time to increase expenses. In the private sector, with managerial skills like these, she'd be clearing out her desk.

I call on Mayor John Stromberg to stand up now and show the executive leadership we need. Mr. Mayor, squash this idea before it gets any further. And maybe it's time for us all to reconsider Martha Bennett's value to the taxpayers of Ashland. — Bruce Dicoskey, Ashland

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