Would someone please explain why, when a few thousand protesters bring up the immigration issue (front page, March 22), our president prepares a video message to reassure them that he hears them and will deal with their issue. But when over a million law-abiding, tax-paying citizens protest his spending, we are scorned, called names, laughed at and ignored. Is it just me or is something wrong with this picture? — Dianna Cody, Applegate

Last weekend I removed all of my "Oregon Duck Football" stickers from my truck.

Folks, this is a program that has gone way out of control. Sadly, U of O football now enjoys all of the attributes of a big-time, "nationally prominent" program: price-gouging tickets, parking and concessions, along with players that don't respect "nuthin'." It was way better when they were unranked, and you could root for them to knock off a USC once in a while. — Gary Pendergast, Talent

Since Jan. 12, 1987, Oregon has had liberal Democratic governors and legislatures.

Oregon is currently in the top 10 states for income taxes, food handouts, unemployment, closest to bankruptcy. Why? Read the first sentence again! And read it until you get it.

Oregon, once the best state in the nation to live in, has fallen to the bottom 10 in 23 years because of progressive liberalism.

In November we have the opportunity to change that. Please vote for anyone of your choice, but vote conservative. We also have the chance to vote out ultra-liberal Sen. Wyden! He voted for the Senate health care monstrosity and the failed stimulus plan and nearly always votes along party lines. He helped get the nation in worse shape than Oregon.

Stop this downward spiral. Join with me and vote for fiscal responsibility this fall. Vote conservative and let's throw the liberal bums out. — Lloyd Holm, Butte Falls

The operational cost of the post office continues increasing without improvement.

One remedy is: Each mail person will serve two routes. Route A delivery is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Route B delivery is on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Operational cost is reduced 50 percent.

Each post office should eliminate the service counter. An outdoor self-service kiosk can handle many clients with sufficient scales and computers and open 24 hours. Clients can follow the instructions. The total cost can be paid by credit card. The computer will furnish the stamp tape, receipt and proof of transactions. Additional kiosks can be installed throughout the area. In the long run, it would be a reasonable investment. Unrelated activities such as food collection should be discontinued. Let charities do the job.

Very few employees are needed to service kiosks, sort mail or substitute for ill personnel. — Vincent Silis, Medford

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