Many people have asked if I am the R. Hall who wrote a letter appearing in the Mail Tribune on Saturday, March 13, entitled "Look at Canada," a letter singing the praises of the Canadian health care system. I did not write that letter. Nor did my husband, another R. Hall.

I grew up in Canada. Many of my family in Canada are reasonably satisfied with the system, but it is not without issues. In fact, my father came here to Medford from Canada to have open heart surgery because he faced a long wait for surgery there.

The writer of the letter is perhaps unaware that there is a two-tiered system in Canada. Those who want first-rate care can buy personal insurance to bypass the long waits, etc., but still pay 13 percent sales tax in some provinces to pay for medical care.

Perhaps the Mail Tribune should require full names on published letters. — Rozanne Hall and Roger V. Hall M.D., Medford

I knew someone like the writer of "Appalled by gun seizure" would have a cow about David Pyle and his guns. Well, given the number of nut cases who have been laid off from their jobs and then gone back to kill several of their co-workers, always with guns of course, I think it was very, very smart of the Medford police to pick up on the clues, and go right after him. I feel safer that they were doing their jobs well.

Now if this had gone down the way it frequently does, and Pyle did go back and kill someone, then I'll bet it would be people like that writer who would be screaming mightily about how our police are not doing their job.

Get real, people, the Second Amendment so frequently misquoted was not intended to allow people to have guns so they could kill their old boss if he fired them. — Victor W. Rogers, Ashland

The Jackson County commissioner's race is crowded this election. For my money, Don Skundrick is an outstanding candidate with the credentials to back it up.

Don has served our region well as a business and community leader. I have served on a number of boards with Don. I have always found him to be willing to put forth the extra effort to make a difference. His past service includes president of the Chamber of Medford/Jackson County and Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc.

During his tenure as president of the chamber, he initiated a political action committee to advocate for business. His leadership in economic development is an important consideration given the state of the regional economy. If you are looking for a candidate who is competent, self-motivated and has the ability to work with varying interest groups to achieve positive outcomes, you need look no further than Don Skundrick. — Monte Mendenhall, Medford

Along with warmer weather, I'm finding more and more people enjoying the outdoors with their canine friends. Very cool. Unfortunately, not everyone's familiar with the Medford city ordinance regarding the leash law.

To refresh your memory: All dogs must be on a leash, at all times, by a capable person (meaning one who can control/handle the dog) in all public/open areas and all parks, except for the local dog park, which is enclosed and at your own risk. Owners are also responsible for "cleaning up" immediately after your pooch and there are no dogs allowed at the U.S. Cellular park, under any circumstances.

Violation of the leash law, code 5.600, carries a citation of $145. Please consider this the next time you take your dog(s) out for a stroll. I have a 93-pound German shepherd service dog that I've spent a lot of time training who's been charged and/or attacked and harassed numerous times now by unleashed dogs. Again, just yesterday at Bear Creek Park.

The sad thing is, the dog's owners showed no remorse. Perhaps a $145 fine will help them become a little more responsible. — Charle Meixner, Jacksonville

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