Lesley Adams, the Rogue Riverkeeper (whatever that is) at the Ashland Wildlands Center, brags, "She printed hundreds of postcards as a way for people to weigh in quickly and easily on the draft before the 30-day comment period expires March 26." That should be against the law — no different than voting hundreds of times in an election.

Gold Ray Dam is 106 years old. It should be rebuilt for its full potential. Cost is only secondary after figuring the advantages. Hydropower, I believe, is God's greatest gift for power and we know how to use it now.

Our engineers are smart enough to handle the fish. If we can put a man on the moon without harm, we can put a fish around a dam without harm.

If you believe as I do and can scribble "Rebuild Gold Ray Dam," spend 44 cents and mail it to: Gold Ray Dam, Attn: Pat Foley, P.O. Box 3275, Central Point, OR — Rocky Jones, Cave Junction

I am disturbed by the way Jacksonville Councilman John Dodero chooses to defend Councilman Chris Gilman over his dismissal from his Medford teaching job. Dodero dismisses the allegations of inappropriate touching as "people" taking Gilman's "personable" approach in the wrong way.

Parents and guardians of children who feel they were touched inappropriately would disagree. There is nothing personable about making a child feel uncomfortable enough to have to go to the school principal to complain.

Mr. Gilman had been warned about this before. Mr. Dodero claims that this is none of our business here in Jacksonville and again, I have to disagree. Mr. Gilman is at the very least guilty of judgment that is poor enough to warrant being fired unanimously by the school district. He has not served our community well no matter how well he gets along with the others on Jacksonville's City Council. I expect more from my elected officials.

That means you, Councilman Dodero, and you as well, Mayor Garrett. — Jois Harkness, Jacksonville

On March 15, Karen Hughes said we should have the health care bill jammed down our throats. I am one of the Republicans she said to hell with. It's not only the Republicans who didn't want this health care jammed down our throats, maybe she should talk to some of her Democrats. I really don't think this health care package will help us, but it will cost a lot of money.

Instead of jamming something down each other's throats, I believe we should get rid of all the politicians now in office and find some who are really for the people instead of themselves. She was right in saying that politicians are more interested in getting re-elected than in doing what is right for the nation. There has to be some honest people out there to elect that care for our country more.

This shouldn't be a war between the Democrats and the Republicans, we should be working together to keep our country under God and free as our forefathers fought for. — Judy Westcott, Talent

Concerning Lindsay Paulk's letter that "the tea partiers are a group of whites who cannot grasp the fact that Obama is the president," I have to respond.

It really doesn't matter what color he is. The tea partiers simply don't like the direction he's trying to take this country. Paulk is trying to make something racial out of this and that is ridiculous and completely wrong. The tea partiers have every right to protest. — Richard Cody, Applegate

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